Undergraduate study

We offer a broad range of degrees in the biosciences, with 3-year BSc and 4-year MBiol (integrated master’s) programmes, in subjects ranging from Anatomy and Human Biology to Zoology. Working at the forefront of scientific research means our scientists can share their knowledge in a research-connected curriculum.

Choosing a specific subject in biology to study at university can be difficult because of the broad range of biological degrees that are available, each specialising in different areas of the subject. At Liverpool, we recognise this difficulty and offer a lot of flexibility to move between programmes within the School of Life Sciences.

Students can enrol on one of our general or specialist programmes (below), but the first year of study is common, allowing students opportunities to change programme in many cases up until the end of Year 1, provided they have the appropriate prior qualifications (including chemistry for Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences).

Students may also transfer from BSc to MBiol programmes at the start of Year 3.

General Programmes

Biomedical Sciences (UCAS code BSc C130; MBiol C133) offers flexibility for students interested in human biology or molecular sciences. Students have the option to transfer into most of the other programmes in the school (normally except for Anatomy and Human Biology), or to retain a broader portfolio through to graduation.

This flexibility also applies to Biological Sciences (BSc C100; MBiol C103), which is popular with students interested in broader aspects of biology, particularly whole organism biology. Again, students may choose to specialise later or retain their broad interests and graduate with a degree in Biological Sciences.

Specialist Programmes

The School of Life Sciences also offers the following specialist subject programmes (with the flexibility to make transfers, as described above):

Anatomy and Human Biology (BSc B110; MBiol B113)

Biochemistry (BSc C700; MBiol C703)

Bioveterinary Science (BSc D900; MBiol D903)

Microbiology and Infection (BSc C500; MBiol C503)

Pharmacology (BSc B210; MBiol B213)

Zoology (BSc C300; MBiol C303)

Foundation Programme

We also run a one-year foundation programme in collaboration with a local college, Carmel College, successful completion of which leads to direct transfer into one of our BSc programmes:

Biological Sciences (with a Foundation Year) leading to BSc (UCAS code: C108)


It's hard to know exactly what you want to do when selecting a course, so being able to choose the modules that interest you and transfer from a three year BSc to a four year integrated masters allows you to tailor your degree around your passion.

Sam Cooper, BSc Biological Sciences

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