Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find some answers to common questions about the ISS. If we've missed anything, you are welcome to get in touch.

We hope that any questions you may have are answered on the website or in this section. If not, we encourage you to contact us and we will provide you with an answer as soon as we can. Choosing a Summer experience is a big step, and we are happy to set up a call or online consultation to run through things to make sure you are 100% clear about the programme.

We have divided the information into questions from students and questions relevant to counsellors (or parents).

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    For students

    What is the ISS?

    The ISS is a summer programme at the university of Liverpool. For some it is a taster of UK education, for others a means to get credit and join a global alumni network, and for all it is a valuable and enjoyable way to spend 3 or 6 weeks. We provide a full range of academic modules, accommodation and a social programme to make your time with us unforgettable.

    How long do I study?

    You can choose to study for 3 or 6 weeks. If you want to study for 3 weeks, you can choose either weeks 1-3 or 4-6. The academic modules and social programme vary between the weeks so you may base your decision on the modules available as well as your availability and other travel plans.

    Can I gain credit? How does that work?

    Yes! All academic modules on the ISS are credit bearing, with assessment, and carry University of Liverpool credits which equate to ECTS. For each 3 week block you can be awarded 7.5 ECTS (15 UoL credits). Only the English Communication Skills modules are not credit bearing. When you graduate you will receive a certificate of participation, followed by an official transcript once your grades are approved. We are happy to work with your home institution to map our modules to theirs- just put us in touch.

    Is there a GPA requirement to join the ISS?

    While your home institution may have a requirement for those seeking to study abroad, we do not have a GPA requirement. Put simply; there may be times when someone with a lower GPA benefits more from overseas study than anyone else, or someone with a higher GPA may struggle with the experience of being overseas. For us, GPA is not the only, or the final deciding factor - but you must be realistic about your suitability for the course.

    What will my classes be like?

    We believe that small groups with a focus on experiential and communicative learning work best. You will study with students from around the world, led by an expert in the field in an interactive seminar style, and for most modules this will include spending time outside of the classroom to get practical experience of your subject.

    And outside of class?

    Our social programme is designed to show you the best of Liverpool and allow you to dig deep into local culture. Included in your fee is a welcome meal, one full day trip on a Saturday per 3 week session, city tour, a range of activities in and around the city, your graduation event and lunch, as well as less formally planned activities such as gallery tours, beach trips, karaoke… etc. You will have a team of current Liverpool students on hand to make suggestions and help out with making day or weekend plans. Many students use Liverpool as a jumping off point for exploration of Scotland, Ireland, and mainland Europe and we can offer advice around this too.

    What is Liverpool like to visit/ study?

    Liverpool is known for its culture, its friendliness and its unique sense of identity within the UK. What you might not realise is that Liverpool is also home to beaches, stunning architecture, parks and green spaces, a thriving independent food scene, shopping (big brands and local labels), and a sense of curiosity and fun that is hard to beat. It’s a safe, walkable city, within a train ride of Manchester, London, Edinburgh, and a short flight or ferry to Dublin.  The university has put together this brief guide which you might find useful, but you are welcome to ask us any specific questions you might have.

    I am a current student at Liverpool/ another UK university. Can I take part?

    Yes! The ISS welcomes applications from international undergraduate students who are studying at Liverpool (and XJTLU) and those at other institutions looking to explore the UK, and find out why Liveprool is so popular. If you are joining us from the University of Liverpool you will not be able to use the credits against your degree, but you will have full access to the social programme and guaranteed accommodation (if you need it). If you are joining us from another UK university you will become eligible for alumni status and associated discounts. You will need to ask your home university about credit transfer.

    What about my visa?

    We supply a confirmation of study and accommodation once you have paid your fees and this will support your visa application. This will normally be a visitor visa. We recommend you check the current information from the UK government and find out the processing times for visas in your home country. Please also see this useful guide put together by the university. If for any reason your visa application is not successful, having been applied for in good time, we will refund your fees for both tuition and accommodation.

    What do previous students think of the ISS?

    Students join the ISS for a lot of different reasons with a lot of different goals; from academic development, to the desire to experience a new culture, join a global community, or to see what Liverpool and the UK would be like to study longer term. Whatever the reasons for joining us, the message is clear- the ISS is a fantastic experience and the city is a perfect location for this type of study. But don’t take our word for it

    For counsellors

    What is the process for credit transfer?

    All modules on the ISS (with the exception of ECS) carry credit which can be transferred. We can supply detailed syllabus including contact hours, learning outcomes and skills, as well as offer direct conversation with our academics to make the process of mapping easier. Students receive a certificate at their physical graduation, followed by an official UoL transcript with grades. This is posted either to students directly or to their home institution.

    Where can I find information about syllabus?

    Course information is found on our module pages. If you need more information or have questions please get in touch directly.

    Who will be our contact in Liverpool?

    The Global Opportunities team are on hand to assist every step of the way. Students will have direct contact with the course manager, Joan Squires, who will also be present during the course itself. You are welcome to make contact whenever needed.

    Can my institution send a group to the ISS?

    Absolutely. We work with several partners who send groups of students as an organised experience and we can offer tuition fee discounts as well as information sessions to assist in generating interest. The ISS is a very simple internationalisation project and the team are available to guide you through the process if you are unfamiliar with this type of course.

    What safeguards are in place for students?

    The ISS sits within the central structure of the University of Liverpool so students can make use of all support services just as any other university student. We also have a permanent team on hand during summer, 24hr campus security, 24 hour reception at accommodation, residence advisors and student assistants to help signpost any issues. If you have specific concerns, or wish to speak to us prior to application then please get in touch.