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In this section, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received regarding all stages of the International Summer School, from application through to after the programme is completed.

We hope that any questions you may have are answered on the website or in this section. If not, we encourage you to contact us and we will provide you with an answer as soon as we can.

  • Before Applying


    When does the Liverpool International Summer School take place?

    The ISS takes place between 15th June and 24th July 2020. You can study for 3 weeks from the 15th June to 3rd July, 3 weeks from 3rd July to 24th July or the whole period of 6 weeks.

    Who is the course for?

    The course is designed for current undergraduate or postgraduate students, who want to experience what it is like to study at a leading UK institution, earn credit towards their home degree, learn from experts in their field, have fun and meet people from around the world.

    What are the language Entry requirements?

    If you are not from a country considered to have English as the main language, you will need to have English language equivalent to an IELTS 6.  If you don’t have a current certification, we can provide a short online language test at the point of application which will enable us to confirm your suitability.

    Where will I stay while I am in Liverpool?

    Students on the ISS have access to one of the university’s modern halls of residence, offering single occupancy en-suite rooms, a shared kitchen and social space, and space to study. These are situated on campus and only a short walk from where your classes will take place.

    What is the difference between the course on Weeks 1-3 and 4-6? Can I study the whole 6 weeks?

    You can choose to study for the six weeks.  Modules offered in weeks 1-3 are different from weeks those offered in weeks 4-6.  Each three-week block includes one coach trip and one evening meal the cost of which are included in the price.

    How many modules do I study, and how do I select them?

    For each 3 week block, you will select 4 modules. You can choose freely according to your own interests, or follow a ‘pathway’ which are focused on a particular academic theme; for example ‘Doing Business’ or ‘Liverpool DNA’

    Do I need a visa?

    Whether you need a visa or not will depend on where you are from. We recommend checking the UK Government’s advice online. If you need further advice you are welcome to contact us directly.

    Do I apply as an individual or through my college/ university?

    You are welcome to apply as an individual student, however we also invite direct contact from universities and may be able to offer streamlined application and discounts on fees for groups or partner institutions. If you are an individual and think there may be wider interest in the summer school, we would be happy to introduce our team to your counsellors.

  • Your Application


    What is the deadline for application and payment?

    The deadline for both applications and final payment is 15th May 2020.

    Will I receive a refund if my visa is refused?

    Yes, if you are refused a visa and can show evidence of this we will refund the full fee.

    How will I know if my application has been received?

    You will receive an automatic email confirming receipt of your application.

    How long will it take to process my application?

    We will aim to process all applications which have correct documentation within 5 working days. If your application is incomplete, or we need further information (such as a language certificate) we will contact you in this time.

    How will I know if my application has been successful?

    We will email you with an offer letter once your application has been successfully completed.

    How do I book accommodation?

    Accommodation on campus is automatically booked for you when you pay your fees unless you tell us otherwise. We recommend that you take advantage of the safe, social and central halls of residence to make the most of your time in Liverpool.

  • Your Summer in Liverpool


    What items are included in accommodation? (e.g. bedding, pillows, kitchen items)

    Your accommodation is fully equipped with bedding, and the shared kitchen is equipped with all cooking basics allowing you to enjoy cooking and sharing meals with your flatmates.

    When will I receive my timetable?

    Your timetable will be included in the welcome pack you will receive on arrival at Liverpool.

    What are the check in/check out dates for accommodation?

    You are free to arrive at your accommodation a few days before your course starts, and to stay until the Saturday after it finishes. For those starting on the 15th June, you should aim to arrive on the 14th June. For those starting on the 6th July you should arrive on the 2nd July.

    Is the social programme included in the fee?

    Yes, there is a diverse social programme included in your fee. This includes local excursions such as Anfield, home of Liverpool Football Club and the Mersey Ferry as well as meals and activities to get you mixing with your new classmates. There are also trips further afield during the course, and you can expect to visit such sights as castles of North Wales, historic York, or a grand English country house as a weekend day-trip.

    How will I know who is on my course?

    The ISS attracts students from all over the world so you should expect to make a diverse and interesting friendship group. Once applications are closed we will set up a Facebook group to allow you to introduce yourself, plan your arrival and start to get to know the people with whom you will be spending your summer.

    Will I have access to university facilities?

    All students have full campus access, including borrowing rights from libraries, campus computer access, wifi and email account. You are also entitled to all student discounts associated with a university ID.

    How will the International Summer School end? Is there a graduation?

    All students are awarded a certificate of completion at the end of their period of study at a presentation ceremony and meal. This is your opportunity to take photos, exchange contact details and thank your teachers, as well as receive your certificate. Transcripts are sent following your departure.

  • After the ISS


    When will I receive my transcripts?

    A transcript showing credit gained will be sent to you by the end of September 2020.

    What is the Alumni Network and how can it benefit me?

    The University of Liverpool Alumni Network is a way of keeping in touch with all those who have studied at the university, and offering development and networking as part of continuing engagement with our students. As a student on the ISS you are automatically registered as an alumni and are entitled to the benefits this brings, including networking, notification of in-country events and discounts on future study at the University of Liverpool.

    More information can be found on our Alumni page.