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Neurological infectious Diseases Course

The Liverpool Brain Infections Group runs the Liverpool Neurological infectious Diseases Course

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NeuroID e-learning modules

Aimed at medics of all grades, each module starts with an overview, before moving onto the specific features, and then finishes with the key points, followed by a self assessment section and a Completion Certificate, which can be downloaded.

Visit the Neuro ID e-learning website for more information. 


Disability score for measuring outcome following encephalitis in "Liverpool Outcome Score"

A Microsoft powerpoint file is available to teach clinicians and health care workers how to assess children with suspected Central Nervous System Infections - download Clinical Assessment of Children with Suspected Central Nervous System Infections presentation.

The Liverpool Outcome Score (LOS) is a simple tool developed and validated to assess the outcome of children following encephalitis.

This publication described its development:

Disability after encephalitis: development and validation of a new outcome score

This PowerPoint presentation trains health care workers in how to use the Liverpool Outcome Score

Liverpool Outcome Teaching Tool 

Download the Outcome score here.  One version is for assessing patients at discharge, one for assessing patients at follow up.

Liverpool Outcome Score Discharge (Version 7)

Liverpool Outcome Score Follow Up (Version 7)

Please feel free to use the score.

We would recommend contacting Dr Penny Lewthwaite ( or for the latest information regarding the score and would request that data from use of the score be submitted to her so that we can continue to improve and develop the score.  

The Paediatric LOS has been developed for use in the adult population and is presently being validated in the ENCEPH-UK study. You can find these below. Please contact Dr Sylviane Defres for further information.

Liverpool Outcome Score (LOS) for assessing adults at Discharge

Liverpool Outcome Score (LOS) for assessing adults at Follow-Up


Long term care of patients with encephalitis – a simple guide for resource poor settings

University of Liverpool Viral Brain Infections Group/Walton Centre for Neurology & Neurosurgery NHS Trust/Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust  

Lecture Notes in Tropical Medicine

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Liverpool Brain Infections Group impact survey 2020

The University of Liverpool Brain Infection Group distributed a survey regarding the UK National Meningitis and Encephalitis Guidelines and University of Liverpool Neurological Infections Disease (NeuroID) Course.

The respondents were both UK and internationally (Non-UK) based. Nearly three quarters of respondents were clinicians; while nurses, medical students and researchers also responded to the survey. 34% had experience working in the UK and 66% were internationally based. Download the University of Liverpool Brain Infections Group Impact Survey Report 2020 to view respones.