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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has caused lots of disruption to Study Abroad activities, but the Team is still working hard to allow as much mobility as possible to go ahead. You can see all the most important COVID-19 updates below.

Contacting the Team

The Team are now hybrid working and are available by phone, email and in-person. See the Contact Us page for more details.

Global Opportunities in Academic Year 2021/22 

We have so far supported a number of students to go abroad on both compulsory Year Abroad programmes and Semester Abroad, to a variety of countries/locations including the US, Canada and mainland Europe. We're optimistic that Summer Abroad 2022 will go ahead without disruption and applications will open for this in November 2021.

For a full summary of any changes and important information regarding both Year in China and Semester Abroad in AY 2021/22, please see our COVID FAQs.

Global Opportunitiesin Academic Year 2022/23

Travel is now more accessible, although many COVID-19 precautions remain in place (e.g. the need to be double vaccinated, pre-departure testing or quarantine after arrival). We hope that by July 2022 (the earliest date that students will be mobile for AY 2022/23) most Global Opportunities will go ahead without too much disruption. However, COVID-19 remains an ever changing situation, so it will be important to keep an eye on our website for any important updates.

Applications for Semester Abroad, the new Year Abroad and Year in China for AY 2022/23 (and for Summer Abroad in 2022) are currently open and we encourage all students to apply! 

Compulsory Year Abroad 2022/23 applications for Law and Modern Language are now open - please see the relevant Canvas pages for recordings of important briefing sessions. 

We'll be keeping a continual and close eye on all COVID-19 developments in our host countries and at our host universities and will keep all students informed with the information they need. Please keep a close eye on your Liverpool emails throughout the year. For a more information regarding Global Opportunities and COVID in AY 2022/23, please see our COVID FAQs.


Whenever government guidance to Work From Home is not in place, we have intermitment access to scanners and printers. Where possible please print your own documentation but we may be able assist if necessary.

If you are preparing to participate in a Semester Abroad or a Year Abroad at university, then in lieu of the Course Approval form, you can upload an email from your IOA with the modules listed and their confirmation to Mobility-Online.

Keeping yourself informed

In order to help us help you, please ensure that you carefully read everything that we send you before reaching out with questions. Please also read any information from your host university/host organisation. It's also important to share any updates from the Team with your parents and supporters, so that they are kept informed.

Whilst this is still a challenging time for everyone, we will work together to ensure as many mobilities as possible can safely go ahead.

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