Environmental Change

Research Projects


Jonny Higham, Andy Plater

Quantifying the impact of extreme storms on runoff and erosion (NERC)

James Cooper, Andy Plater 

Erosion hazards in a changing climate: making inland communities more resilient (UKRI) (UK)

James Cooper, Andy Plater 

Ice sheet and glacier stability in a warming world: using innovative modelling and satellite image analysis UKRI Future Leaders 

James Lea 

Assuring safe port navigation by applying machine learning (ML) to wave data for monitoring changes in nearshore bathymetry.  MARRI UK (UK)

Jonny Higham, Nicoletta Leonardi, Andy Plater 


Andy Plater 

Building Climate Resilience through Community, Culture and Understanding. AHRC.

Neil Macdonald


Informed mining: risk reduction through enhanced public and institutional risk awareness £990,288. 2019-2022. Funding; ESRC - GCRF - UKRI Equitable resilience: ensuring resilience enhances the Sustainable Development Goals programme. Department of Civil Engineering with Prof Janet Hooke, Prof Neil Macdonald,  and Dr Heather Sangster and Brazilian partners.

Andrew Hacket-Pain - Masting responses to climate change and impacts on ecosystems. NERC Global Partnerships Seedcorn Fund

Royal Society Research Grant
Rachel Smedley - Tracking latitudinal shifts of the Southern Westerlies in Patagonia during climate change.

An assessment of anthropogenic impact on lake phosphorus dynamics over the last 300 years
John Boyle, Madeleine Moyle

The palaeoenvironmental value of the phosphate oxygen record in characterising P sources in lake sediments
John Boyle, Madeleine Moyle

Hydrodynamics and turbulence under breaking waves
James Cooper - Source of support: E.U. Horizon 2020 HYDRALAB+ Transnational access.

RCUK Global Challenges Research Fund One Health Regional Network for the Horn of Africa (HORN)
Andy Morse

Andy Plater Liverpool PI, NERC-funded Highlight Topic.  James Cooper, Janet Hooke and Nicoletta Leonardi Liverpool Co-Is

Saltwater Intrusion in Estuaries
Andy Plater Liverpool PI, GII-funded project with NOC-Liverpool, University of Florida (lead partner) and the Universidad Federal de Pernambuco.

ARCoES: Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply
P-I Andrew Plater

NERC: DRIER-China: Drought Resilience In Ecosystem services and Rural communities in China (2016-17) (NE/P015484/1)  

Geomorphic and sedimentary evolution of an extreme event: testing a sediment-based palaeoflood record Liverpool P-I Chiverrell NERC Urgency Grant

Impact of Hurricane Sandy on the salt marshes of Chincoteague Bay,  Virginia, and Barnegat Bay, New Jersey Liverpool P-I Nicoletta Leonardi; 5 years, United States Geological Survey (USGS) funded project.

Advanced Compton-geometry gamma radiation imaging for radionuclide measurement in soils and geomaterials 

Agricultural change in Britain: modelling past impacts to predict the future P-I Hugh Smith with Mark Riley, John Boyle and Richard Chiverrell.

BRITICE-CHRONO: Constraining rates & style of marine influenced ice sheet decay
Liverpool P-I Richard Chiverrell:

IMIXSED: Integrating isotopic techniques with Bayesian modelling for improved assessment and management of global sedimentation problems 

Liverpool P-I Hugh Smith

Spaces of experience and horizons of expectation: the implications of extreme weather events, past, present and future

Recently Completed Projects

iCOASST; integrating COASTal Sediment Systems 
Liverpool P-I Andrew Plater

Centre for Global Eco-Innovation 
Liverpool P-I Andrew Plater

LTLS: Analysis & simulation of the long-term/large scale interactions of C, N and P in UK land, freshwater & atmosphere 
Liverpool P-I John Boyle