Environmental Change

Research Projects

Andy Plater Liverpool PI, NERC-funded Highlight Topic.  James Cooper, Janet Hooke and Nicoletta Leonardi Liverpool Co-Is

Saltwater Intrusion in Estuaries
Andy Plater Liverpool PI, GII-funded project with NOC-Liverpool, University of Florida (lead partner) and the Universidad Federal de Pernambuco.

ARCoES: Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply
P-I Andrew Plater

NERC: DRIER-China: Drought Resilience In Ecosystem services and Rural communities in China (2016-17) (NE/P015484/1)  

Geomorphic and sedimentary evolution of an extreme event: testing a sediment-based palaeoflood record
Liverpool P-I Chiverrell NERC Urgency Grant

Impact of Hurricane Sandy on the salt marshes of Chincoteague Bay,  Virginia, and Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
Liverpool P-I Nicoletta Leonardi; 5 years, United States Geological Survey (USGS) funded project.

Advanced Compton-geometry gamma radiation imaging for radionuclide measurement in soils and geomaterials 

Agricultural change in Britain: modelling past impacts to predict the future 
P-I Hugh Smith with Mark Riley, John Boyle and Richard Chiverrell.

BRITICE-CHRONO: Constraining rates & style of marine influenced ice sheet decay
Liverpool P-I Richard Chiverrell:

IMIXSED: Integrating isotopic techniques with Bayesian modelling for improved assessment and management of global sedimentation problems 

Liverpool P-I Hugh Smith

Spaces of experience and horizons of expectation: the implications of extreme weather events, past, present and future

Recently Completed Projects

iCOASST; integrating COASTal Sediment Systems 
Liverpool P-I Andrew Plater

Centre for Global Eco-Innovation 
Liverpool P-I Andrew Plater

LTLS: Analysis & simulation of the long-term/large scale interactions of C, N and P in UK land, freshwater & atmosphere 
Liverpool P-I John Boyle