Environmental Change
  • Understanding interactions between people, climate and environments.
  • Enabling present and future sustainable societies.
  • Providing tools and knowledge for environmental decision-making.

Comprising Physical Geography staff whose research relates to processes at the Earth surface and evidence for environmental change including both climate and human actions at timescales ranging from seconds to 1000s of years. Research themes include:

  • Reconstructing past environments over short-term and longer-term
  • Understanding processes, sediments and landforms across fluvial, slope, coastal, lacustrine, glacial environments
  • Quantitative reconstruction and characterization of current and past environments
  • Integration of models by crossing scales in terms of time and space
  • Validating environmental process models and simulations
  • Establishing models for evidence-based predictions for different time scales
  • Solving environmental problems, mitigation and adaptation to environmental challenges
  • Sustainable solutions to environmental challenges