Town Planning Review

The Town Planning Review (TPR) has been one of the world’s leading journals of urban and regional planning since its foundation in 1910. Throughout its existence the journal has been edited in the Department of Planning at Liverpool. With an extensive international readership, the TPR has been highly influential in shaping opinion in professional practice and in research.

Patrick Abercrombie, the first editor of the TPR and the second Lever Professor, played an important part in establishing the journal in its early years. Commenting in 1992, Gordon Stephenson wrote:

“…. From the beginning (Abercrombie) set standards in content and format which made it unique. The TPR was a splendid venture and it came to be known in all parts of the world. Modern town planning was only in its infancy and the journal quickly earned an important place in the history of town planning.”

The department celebrated its centenary in 2009 and the TPR celebrated its centenary in 2010. A special edition of centenary papers was subsequently published in 2012 and two of the papers from the special edition can be accessed below.

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