John Clarke

John Clarke

BEng Mechanical Engineering

From: Leeds

My top three tips for getting the most out of University:

1. Gain authentic understanding of subject matter.
2. Join societies and university projects.
3. Connect with as many people on your course as possible.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Liverpool’s School of Engineering?

I chose Liverpool SoE because it is a prestigious department in a prestigious institution with wonderful facilities and accommodating staff. I was drawn in on the open day by the architecture and since then has been a great experience.

Why did you choose your Engineering course?

I chose engineering because I have always been passionate about the way things work and the method by which systems operate. I have always had more of a pure science background, but I also yearned to see the application of such theory with the tool of mathematics.

What have you enjoyed most about your student experience?

I have enjoyed living in accommodation and living in a house with my friends.

How have you found the learning experience at University?

Excellent. The teaching quality at UoL is personal and supportive. Throughout second year I went to see my personal tutor and various academic staff for help with lab work and coursework.

What skills have you developed? What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

I have developed many interpersonal skills as well as technical skills. Report writing, engineering and mathematical tools as well as leadership and communication during group-based modules.

What do you get up to when you are not studying? 

Read, play guitar and piano, design Lego technic and socialise with friends.

What have you enjoyed most about living in Liverpool?

The nightlife is great, but the friendliness of the people would have the be the biggest factor

Where did you do your industry placement, and what did you do?

I worked for Cummins Turbo Technologies in Huddersfield. I was part of a project team that was in charge of a manufacturing capital compliance project. I oversaw project finance, CAD work and leadership of many work packages as part of the overall project.

What have you personally got out of your placement in industry?

I have obtained many technical skills with regards to programming, CAD and numerical theory. However, I have mainly improved my organizational skills. The fast-paced demanding environment meant I had to consistently be on top of a lot of information, which without organization wouldn’t have been possible. I have also obtained a lot of management and leadership skills when working with contractors and various stakeholders.