Photo of Professor Scott Ferson

Professor Scott Ferson PhD

Chair in Risk and Uncertainty Civil Engineering and Industrial Design


Uncertainty methods

Probability bounds analysis
Robust Bayes and quick Bayes
Distribution-free methods for risk analysis,
Assured or automatically verified calculations
Dependency modeling
Validation metrics and pseudo-metrics
Protecting privacy of patients, clients, and consumers during data releases
Backcalculation strategies and engineering design

Communication of risk and uncertainty

The natural language of uncertainty
Biological underpinnings of ambiguity and loss aversion and other paradoxes in decision theory
Natural frequencies and the equivalent bionomial count
Uncertainty penalties in expert elicitation
Visualization of uncertainties

Foundations of measurement and inference

Statistics when data sets include intervals or nonnegligible epistemic uncertainty
Inference in the noninformative case without untenable assumptions
Measurement uncertainty and conventions for its propagation
Unification of Bayesian and frequentist approaches
Basal uncertainties in measurement processes
Foundations of statistics