Photo of Professor Bruno Merk

Professor Bruno Merk Dr-Ing.

NNL/RAEng Research Chair in Computational Modelling for Nuclear Engineering Mechanical, Materials & Aerospace Eng


Overview on the Professional Interests

My research interest is focused on nuclear systems and core physics for nuclear reactor operation design, analysis, and safety.

My specific topics of interest are:
• Reactor physics, transient, and safety considerations for advanced reactor concepts, especially high temperature reactors, liquid metal cooled fast reactors and molten salt reactors.
• Safety of nuclear reactors of the future generations
• Nuclear waste management strategies with special focus on transmutation of transuranium elements as an alternative to direct final disposal of nuclear
• Due to this specialization, I was a leading member of a feasibility study on the opportunities of Partitioning & Transmutation (P&T) to support a political decision about the future funding of the P&T research in Germany.
• Development of modern calculation methods for current LWR for reactor physics and reactor safety.
• Strategic development of nuclear research and technology including strategic planning, implementation, coordination, and international representation.
• International contacts to the International Atomic Energy Agency. I have been member of the IAEA Technical Working group of Fast Reactors