Dr Aaron Finney

Lecturer in Materials Science Materials, Design and Manufacturing Eng


Personal Statement

Aaron joined the School of Engineering in October 2023 as a Lecturer in Materials Science and leads the Computational Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) group. The CMSE group exploits molecular and coarse-grained particle dynamics methods to simulate the formation of materials and understand how they interact with their environments. The goal is to provide a fundamental understanding of material assembly that facilitate the fabrication of functional materials from the bottom-up.

Aaron obtained his PhD from the University of Warwick in 2015, completing his studies in the Department of Chemistry and Centre for Scientific Computing. Following this, he joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield, initially as an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow (2016) and later as a Research Associate (2017-2019). Prior to joining the School of Engineering, Aaron was a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering at University College London (2019-2023).