Flexible Heat Pump Technology

Professor Zhibin Yu's Flexible Heat Pump Research

The Flexible Heat Pump Technology (PCT: WO2022069581A1) is an innovation that facilitates the development of the next generation of heat pumps with improved energy efficiency and flexibility. After proving the concept in laboratory, Prof Zhibin Yu’s team is currently working with industrial partners to bring the technology towards commercialisation.

Flexible Heat Pump Technology-1

CO2 Heat Pump and Refrigeration Technology

Our research on sustainable heating and cooling technologies focuses on the transition to natural working fluids with low environmental impacts, such as carbon dioxide (CO2). We are interested in understanding the fundamental heat transfer and thermodynamic characteristics of supercritical CO2 flows, aiming to make CO2 heat pumps and refrigerators more efficient.  

Heat Pump and Refridgeration Technology

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