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Posted on: 22 May 2020 by Emily Wilson in Centennial Curriculum

It's been quite an eventful year and some time since our last post, so let's get up to date on all things Centennial Curriculum.

 Tutor discusses the feedback they are giving with a student undertaking simulated treatment - feedback is entered onto an ipad

CLC1 (Collaborative Learning Core 1)

Our first cohort of BDS and BSc Dental Therapy students joined us in September, and have impressed us throughout the year, with their engagement in the CLC1 curriculum and the School more widely. We are excited to continue to work in partnership with this cohort, and those that follow, to deliver the key aims of the Centennial Curriculum. 

The team of staff responsible for CLC1 continue to do an outstanding job, in the face of new challenges, to deliver our curriculum. Due to their ongoing dedication and creativity, the transition to becoming a virtual School during the current Coronavirus pandemic has been a smooth one. Students report feeling supported and consulted, while expressing their thanks to staff for being even more flexible, approachable and understanding during this time. 

The recent move to virtual learning and assessment has resulted in the delivery of online tutorials, student question walls, staff podcasts, interactive resources, a new advanced video platform, a virtual bake-off and more. CLC1 assessments were completed last week via an open book short answer question paper, submitted by students online. Upon return to their studies in CLC2, all students will undertake a period of simulated practice of treatment skills, in order to re-skill and demonstrate their safety before returning to patient treatment. 


Two students work together in the lab   

CLC2 (Collaborative Learning Core 2)

Since we last posted, our year two curriculum development team have completed all their project checkpoints and are working on the final details to deliver CLC2 next academic year.

Introducing the Components

In the next couple of blog posts we'll introduce you to the different components that make up CLC2. This time it's the turn of Understanding Clinical Practice and Personal Development and Wellbeing:

In year two of the curriculum, students will build on the Understanding Clinical Practice content in CLC1 by following a team of dental professionals in a fictional dental practice through a series of scenarios. This problem-based learning approach will help students to explore topics ranging from public health, to patient management, to oral biology and disease. Meanwhile, Personal Development and Wellbeing will continue to support students' transition to dental professionals by exploring their understanding of lifelong learning and the ability to communicate successfully in a range of circumstances, including some difficult conversations.  


CLC3 (Here's hoping you know what this stands for by now...) 

We have also just commenced the development process for year three of the Centennial Curriculum. The new CLC3 team will now be working together to prepare to launch year three of the programmes in September 2021. Look out for updates on the progress of the CLC3 Team in future posts.  


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