Documents and VITAL

How to support students in uploading scanned documents to the VLE

Author: Rachelle O'Brien

This guide has been produced to provide step by step instructions to students on how to scan and upload documents to both VITAL and Canvas platforms.

These guides are intended to provide the basics of how tasks, however, they are intended as flexible resources which can be shaped for your purposes. Please treat this guide as a template and feel free to shape and personalise it for your students. You may like to include module specifics and assessment specifics that you would like the student to follow, which may include things such as the types of information you would like them to include in their VITAL or Canvas submission. 

You may also like to include guidance for students on who the best person is to contact in the event that they encounter problems. 

The instructions in this guide will mean that the students work is submitted to VITAL or Canvas as a PDF document. Depending on the submission type, this could contain one or many pages. You will be able to access this document similarly to the way you usually access VITAL or Canvas submissions.

Creative Commons Licence
How to support students in uploading scanned documents to the VLE by Rachelle O'Brien is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.