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In our Hybrid and Active Learning (HAL) Canvas course, we have guidance on how the tools Office 365 offers for education can support HAL including support and advice on using Teams for synchronous and asynchronous hybrid active learning, and guidance on what other O365 tools can offer us as educators.

Office 365 (O365) is a package of services offered by Microsoft as part of its Microsoft Office products, including Forms, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote, Sway and Whiteboard. There are many other services on offer when logging in with your University of Liverpool account. For more information, please visit CSD’s technical guide to Office 365 apps.

So why use Office 365 in your teaching and learning design? Although every context across the university is different, it is likely you need to set up a collaborative project for students, communicate with students, and want assignments and assessments submitted in one easily accessible online platform. Teams and Canvas integrate well with each other. Link out to Teams from Canvas or vice versa. Use what you need from each and create a connected experience for your students. Office 365 apps are designed for their users to intuitively navigate the basic functions, and with a little bit of innovation, you can make the best use of these tools for education while also improving the digital capabilities of your students through opting to use software many will encounter as graduates.

For more information on using Teams in education, see the:

We have created a short guide on how Teams and Canvas compare, to help you see what each tool offers:

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Collaborative projects


create a cloud environment of collaboration. Tick icon
(Use O365)
Tick icon 
assign projects to individual or group of students. Tick icon  Tick icon 
monitor students’ contribution to group work. Tick icon  Tick icon 
use a seamless environment of collaboration. Tick icon Tick icon 


Try: Collaboration (with O365), Assignments

Try: Team/ Channel/ File tabs/ Assignment tab (in classroom type of team).

Lectures, seminars and meetings


seamless notetaking. Tick icon
(Use O365)
Tick icon 
keep everyone in the loop without endless emails/link sending. Tick icon Tick icon
set up a video call with a group of demonstrators, research students, or undergrads. Tick icon Tick icon
add your slides, images, notes and handouts. Tick icon Tick icon


Try: Conferences, Studio, Calendar, Inbox

Try: Calendar, Meetings, Record meeting, Screen sharing, Class Materials folder (in classroom type of team).

Assessment, assignments & feedback


create, assign, collect, and give feedback on summative assessments. Tick icon Cross icon
(Needs Turnitin)

create, assign, collect, and give feedback on formative assessments.

Tick icon Tick icon
create and assign folders for individual or group of students. Tick icon Tick icon 
students submit work. Tick icon  Tick icon 
create, save and use rubrics. Tick icon Tick icon
create a private space for individual students. Cross icon Tick icon
peer evaluation. Tick icon
(Use Buddycheck)
Cross icon


Try: Assignments, Quizzes

Try: Assignment tab (in classroom type of team), Private channels, Chat.

Participation and communication


level opportunities to contribute for all students  Tick icon Tick icon


Try: Discussion, Inbox

Try: Conversations tab/ Private and group chat

Find more resources on Teams in our HAL Canvas course or by searching for ‘Teams’ on our resources page