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Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 16 - the one with the knots

Posted on: 26 January 2022 | Category: General

Host and Guests in Online Meeting

In Episode 16, in addition to lightbulb moments, treasure island pedagogies/props and luxury items, we talked about being responsive to our students’ needs, and going back to basics if need be, the pedagogy of kindness, the role of lectures and the importance of listening as part of the learning process.

Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 12 - the one with the Mushrooms

Posted on: 14 October 2021 | Category: General

Host and Guests in Online Meeting

In Episode 12, in addition to lightbulb moments, treasure island pedagogies, props and luxury items, our discussion rowed forwards, backwards, in full circles and spirals. We touched upon student-centred learning, authentic assessment, the concept of expansive learning, respect, the idea of learning with and from our students. We also observed that sharing knitting patterns as a communal activity is akin to the act of sharing and comparing our individual teaching practice.

Treasure Island Pedagogies: Episode 2 - the one with Lego

Posted on: 2 October 2020 | Category: General

People on Microsoft Teams

In Episode 2, our guests share their lightbulb moments, including getting students to 'take' feedback, the importance of reflection, using play for conceptual understanding with Lego and ways of engaging environmental science students with hydrology. We also hear how the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged creativity when preparing for Hybrid Active Learning and socially distanced teaching.

Turnitin on Campus: Cultivating Academic Excellence – 20th June 2019

Posted on: 23 July 2019 | Category: Conference & Event Reports

Turnitin on Campus - Cultivating Academic Excellence

On the 20th June, the University of Liverpool hosted the first of a series of Turnitin on Campus events. These events held on campuses across Europe bring together academics, researchers and learning technologists to discuss topics that touch on cultivating academic excellence.

PebblePad Super User Academy – Telford 14th – 15th May 2019

Posted on: 11 June 2019 | Category: Conference & Event Reports

PebblePad Desk

Ben and I travelled to PebblePad HQ in Shropshire to upskill as ‘super users’ of the University portfolio and learning journey platform. The plan after undertaking the course is to impart our newly acquired knowledge across the institution through CIE’s digital education workshops, support and guides.