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Casual Workers

Casual workers are hired on an irregular basis for a short period of time, provided they have the right to work in the UK. Employers may engage visa holders on a casual basis, but should be aware that different UK visas have different conditions. In some cases, a particular visa poses work restrictions or limits the types of work the visa holder can do.

Employing casual workers

An employing department must check the right to work of a casual worker before their employment starts. If the individual is a List A document holder (please see RTW Section), they have no restriction on the type of work they can do, or their weekly working hours.

Employing casual workers on Student/Tier 4 visas

Student/ Tier 4 visa holders are normally restricted to working up to 20 hours per week, which includes casual hours. Before employing a student, please ask them to complete the Student Employment Declaration form to check whether they are working for another employer and whether their visa permits them to work full time outside term.

Where a Student/Tier 4 visa holder is applying to switch into Skilled Worker, they are permitted to start work during their application for a Skilled Worker visa.

Employing casual workers on a Permitted Paid Engagement Visa

This visa permits short paid engagements for visitors with defined skills and expertise to work in the UK for up to one month. Find more information on this visa at GOV.UK.

For further information on appointing causal workers please click here.

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