Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Das, Professor ShampaProfessor of Antimicrobial Therapeutics / Head of Department0151 795 5480
Bruder, Miss AngelaDepartmental Administrator0151 795 4301
Courtney, Mrs SueDepartmental Administrator0151 794 6822
Academic Staff
Aston, Dr StephenSenior Lecturer - Clinical
Barrera Briceno, Dr Lawrence
Carr, Dr DanSenior Lecturer 0151 795 5392
Chadwick, Dr AmyLecturer0151 795 0148
Chadwick, Dr AmyLecturer0151 795 0382
Charani, Dr EsmitaReader
Cocker, Dr DerekClinical Lecturer
Copple, Professor IanProfessor/MRC Senior Fellow0151 794 5548
Cross, Dr MichaelSenior Lecturer0151 794 5556
Dahal, Dr LekhLecturer0151 794 6184
Dale, Dr CarolineTenure Track Fellow
Dickens, Dr DavidLecturer0151 795 5391
Goldring, Professor ChristopherProfessor0151 794 5979
Holmes, Professor AlisonProfessor
Hope, Professor WilliamProfessor0151 794 5941
Hope, Professor WilliamProfessor0151 794 9451
Jenkinson, Professor MichaelProfessor
Keller, Professor SimonChair in Neuroimaging
Khoo, Professor SayeProfessor0151 794 5560
Liptrott, Professor NeillProfessor0151 795 7566
MacEwan, Professor DavidDeputy Executive Dean0151 794 5508
Marson, Professor TonyProfessor of Neurology / Cochrane Epilepsy Group - Co-ordinating Editor
Mbizvo, Dr GashiraiNIHR Clinical Lecturer in Neurology
McCormick, Professor Peter
Mirza, Dr NasirClinical Senior Lecturer
Naisbitt, Professor DeanProfessor0151 794 5346
O'Neill, Professor PaulProfessor0151 794 1133
Olagunju, Dr AdeniyiCELT Tenure Track Fellow0151 794 0418
Owen, Professor AndrewProfessor0151 795 7129
Pirmohamed, Professor Sir MunirProfessor0151 794 5549
Pushpakom, Dr SudeepLecturer0151 795 5404
Quinn, Professor JohnProfessor0151 794 5498
Quinn, Professor JohnProfessor0151 794 4770
Randle, Dr Laura
Singh, Dr IshwarReader (Antimicrobials, Drug Design and Development)
Sofat, Professor ReechaChair
Stott, Dr KatharineNIHR ACL
Tsakiroglou, Dr MariaAcademic Clinical Lecturer
Waitt, Professor CatrionaProfessor of Clinical Pharmacology and Global Health0151 794 5585 Ext:5585
Waitt, Professor CatrionaProfessor of Clinical Pharmacology and Global Health0151 795 5407
Walker, Dr LaurenMRC Clinical Fellow0151 795 5407
You, Dr TaoReader
Young, Prof CarolynClinical Professor of Neurology
Research Fellow
Bubb, Dr VivienResearch Fellow0151 794 5509
Curley, Dr PaulResearch Fellow0151 794 8214
Darlow, Dr ChristopherClinical MRC Fellow0151 794 5471
De Bezenac, Dr ChristopheResearch Fellow0151 794 5919
Downing, Dr JenniferResearch Fellow (Person-Centred Complex Care Theme, NIHR ARC NWC)0151 795 5390
Gerada, Dr AlessandroResearch Fellow (Clin)
Ho, Dr BrianResearch Fellow (Clin)0151 795 5411
Howard, Dr AlexanderResearch Fellow
Jenkins, Dr RozResearch Fellow
Khan, Dr UmairClinical Research Fellow
Lim, Dr TroyClinical Research Fellow
Millward, Dr ChristopherClinical Research Fellow
Mitchell, Dr JamesClinical Research Fellow
Rajoli, Dr RajithResearch Fellow0151 794 5565
Rajoli, Dr RajithResearch Fellow0151 794 5919
Seden, Miss KayMRC Research Fellow
Swaminathan, Dr MiraClinical Research Fellow
Zhuk, Dr KaterynaInternship Research Fellow
Honorary Staff
Honorary Support Staff
Alfirevic, Em P AnaEmiterus Professor Ana Alfirevic0151 794 5551
Amos, Dr GregoryHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Aarnoutse, Prof Robert EdwardHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Al-Naher, Dr AhmedHonorary Research Associate
Back, Em P DavidProfessor 0151 794 5547
Baker, EM Prof GusProfessor
Ball, Miss AmyHonorary Research Associate
Barton, Dr ChrisHonorary Research Associate
Betts, Dr CatherineHonorary Research Assistant
Billingsley, Miss KimberleyHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Boyle, Ms AlisonHonorary Research Associate
Boffito, Dr MartaHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Bula, Dr MarcinHonorary Research Fellow
Chadwick, Em P DavidHonorary Senior Fellow
Honorary Visiting Professor
Chaponda, Dr MasautsoHonorary Senior Lecturer
Cliff, Dr JoanneHonorary Research Associate
Cole, Dr ChristineHonorary Research Fellow
Collins, Ms SusannahSpR (Specialist Registrar) - Honorary0151 795 5414
Cousins, Mr Christopher DavidHonorary Fellow
Coxhead, Dr Do Not UseHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Cressey, Dr TimothyHonorary Senioer Lecturer
Honorary Research Fellow
Cursino, Miss Maria Honorary Research Associate
Dane, Mr AaronHonorary Senior Lecturer
Dello Russo, Dr CinziaHonorary Research Assistant
Evely, Miss JaneResearch Nurse0151 794 5539
Fitzgerald Gail0151 794 5539
Fontana, Dr VanessaHonorary Research Associate0151 795 5404
Francis, Dr BenHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Honorary Research Fellow
Gardner, Mr Kenneth Honorary Research Assistant
Gaskell Lisa0151 794 5539
Hampson Lucy0151 794 5539
Hanson, Ms AnitaHonorary Research Associate - Lead Research Nurse0151 795 5403
Hashmi, Dr IzharHonorary Research Fellow
Heseltine, Dr ThomasHonorary Research Associate
Hill, Dr AndrewHonorary Senior Fellow
Holbrook, Dr MarkHonorary Lecturer
Hornby, Ms RachaelHonorary Research Assistant - Research Nurse0151 794 5539
Horvath, Professor RitaHonorary Lecturer
Howes, Mr NathanHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Hughes, Dr DyfrigHonorary Professor
Jankowski, Prof Janusz AntoniHonorary Professor
Honorary Research Associate
Jenkinson, Dr StephenHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Jeyarajan, Dr PrashanthiniHonorary Research Assistant
Honorary Research Fellow
Honorary Research Associate
Kitteringham, Dr NeilHonorary Senior Lecturer
Kobayashi, Dr YutakaHonorary Research Fellow
Koks, Prof SulevHonorary Professor
Kreilkamp, Dr BarbaraHonorary Research Associate
Kullak-Ublick, Prof GerdHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Kumagai, Dr KenHonorary Research Fellow
Kuruvilla, Dr RebeccaHonorary Research Fellow
Lang, Prof BingHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Lamorde, Dr MohammedHonorary Research Associate
Leuwer, Professor MartinHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Little, Ms MargaretHonorary Research Assistant - Research Nurse0151 794 5539
Marra, Mrs FionaHonorary Research Associate
Marzolini, Dr CatiaHonorary Research Associate
McNamee, Dr ChristineHonorary Research Associate
Messerschmidt, Dr DanielHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Miyajima, Dr FabioHonorary Fellow
Morgan, Dr PaulHonorary Senior Lecturer
Moss, Dr DianaHonorary Senior Lecturer
Honorary Research Fellow
Nakonechna, Mrs AllaHonorary Senior Lecturer
Nambara, Mr TakumiHonorary Research Associate
Neukam, Dr RerHonorary Research Associate
Nwosu, Dr AmarachukwuHonorary Clinical Senior Lecturer
Ogese, Dr MondayResearch Associate0151 794 2000
Ooi, Dr KazuhiroHonorary Research Fellow
Osanlou, Dr OrodHonorary Lecturer
Owens, Dr LynnHonorary Lecturer0151 795 5395
Panebianco, Ms MariangelaHonorary Research Associate
Paton, Prof Nicholas Ian JamesHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Pertinez, Dr HenryPost-doctoral Research Associate0151 794 5919
Prince, Miss ClareHonorary Research Assistant - Research Nurse0151 794 5539
Ramesh, Dr JayapalHonorary Senior Lecturer
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Roberts, Ms Carys RuthHonorary Research Assistant
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Rooney, Mr PaulHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Rowland, Dr TimothyHonorary Research Fellow
Sadiq, Dr SobanHonorary Research Assistant
Sakabe, Mr TomoyaHonorary Research Fellow
Santoyo Castelazo, Dr AnahiHonorary Research Fellow
Shirouzu, Professor MikakoHonorary Lecturer
Siccardi, Dr MarcoHonorary Fellow0151 794 5547
Sidaway, Dr JamesHonorary Lecturer
Singleton, Dr AndrewHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Stables, Prof RodHonorary Professor0151 706 3036
Stebbings, RichardHonorary Visiting Professor
Stewart, Dr AnnaHonorary Research Associate - SpR (Specialist Registrar) 0151 795 5407
Sukasem, Mr ChonlaphatHonorary Senior Lecturer
Thompson, Dr AndrewHonorary Senior Research Fellow0151 795 5390
Thomson, Dr PaulHonorary Research Fellow0151 794 5067 Ext:5067
Tridente, Dr AscanioHonorary Senior Lecturer
Troke, Dr PeterHonorary Research Associate
Tsuyama, Dr ShoHonorary Research Fellow
Turner, Dr RichardHonorary Recognised Supervisor0151 795 5383
Ullah, Dr AsadHonorary Lecturer
Van Eker, Mrs DianeResearch Nurse0151 794 5539
Wang, Dr DennisHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Wang, Dr LihuiHonorary Lecturer
Westhead Ruth0151 794 5539
Whitaker, Dr PaulHonorary Clinical Lecturer
Wilby, Dr Martin JohnHonorary Recognised Supervisor
Wilkins, Dr EdmundHonorary Research Fellow
Williams, Dr CaraHonorary Lecturer
Winterbottom, JanineHonorary Research Associate
Williams, Dr DominicHonorary Senior Lecturer
Honorary Research Fellow
Wren, Mrs AlisonHonorary Support Staff
Yip, Dr Vincent
Professional Services Staff
Al-Cazimi, Mr IsmailLab Technician
Allibone Tait, Ms JulietSenior Programme Manager
Almond, Ms ValeriePersonal Assistant
Anderson, Miss TayaResearch Administrator
Challenger, Miss ElizabethResearch Technician - Saye Khoo's group0151 795 1184 Ext:51184
Chan, Mr GrahamCochrane Epilepsy Group - Trials Search Co-ordinator - Senior Admin
Cocker, Dr Derek
Courtney, Mrs SueUniversity PA /Administrator to Prof. MacEwan0151 794 6822
Crowley, Ms Jacky Finance Support Assistant
Farrell, Mr JohnCore Laboratory Support Technician0151 794 5767
Farrington, Miss NicolaSenior Research Technician
Foxcroft, Miss AngelaNWE MRC Fellowship Scheme in CPT, Programme Coordinator0151 795 5401
Hardy, Mrs CarlyAdministrator
Herriott, Mrs JoanneResearch Technician
Hill-Cawthorne, Ms KerriHead of Operations
Horner, Miss IonaResearch Technician
Hoye, Mrs TrudyUniversity PA /Administrator to Prof. Marson
Jagota, Dr BhavanaTechnician
Jimenez-Valverde, Ms AnaTechnician0151 795 1488
Johnson, Mr AdamSenior Research Technician0151 794 5471
Jolly, Dr CarolResearch Technician0151 795 5394
Kelly, Mrs RachaelCochrane Epilepsy Group - Review Group Co-ordinator
Kijak, Miss EdytaResearch Technician
Kivlin, Mrs Julie
Martin, Miss JasmineBusiness Development Manager0151 794 5919
McEvoy, Mr LaurenceResearch Technician0151 795 7570
Moss, Mrs SamanthaPA to Prof. Sir Pirmohamed0151 794 5557
Mounter, Mr NathanResearch Technician
Potter, Mr SteveFinance Officer0151 794 5553
Roberts, Mrs ClareResearch Administrator0151 795 5388
Robinson Larkin, Mrs StephanieManager
Sharp, Dr JoProject Manager - Senior Admin0151 795 7129
Stevenson, Mr AdamAnimal Technician
Tetlow, Miss MichelleProject Manager
Unsworth, Dr Jennifer
Velluva, Mr AnoopSenior Data Engineer
Vinson, Mr BenjaminResearch Technician
Wedgwood, Mrs ShirlAdministrator
Wells, Miss GeorgiaResearch Technician
Winters, Mrs VickiFinance and Research Administrator0151 794 5553
Research Staff
Allibone Tait, Ms Juliet
Amara, Dr AlieuPost-doctoral Research Associate
Anaam, Dr EmadPostdoc Research Associate.
Arshad, Dr UsmanResearch Associate0151 795 0382
Asiimwe, Dr InnocentResearch Associate
Ayuso Parejo, Dr PedroPost-doctoral Research Associate0151 794 5565
Blaylock, Dr JenniferResearch Associate
Brain, Dr DanielleResearch Associate
Bramwell, Ms ChloeResearch Assistant
Chan, Dr JulianPostdoc Research Associate.
Chiong, Mr JustinResearch Assistant0151 794 8211
Curley, Dr PaulResearch Associate
Das, Dr SanjitPost-doc Research Assistant
David, Dr ChristopherResearch Associate
Dickinson, Dr LauraPost-doctoral Research Associate0151 794 5919
Dilly Penchala, Dr SujanResearch Assistant
Dubey, Dr VineetResearch Associate
Else , Dr LauraPost-doctoral Research Associate0151 794 5562
Fan, Ms Yat YiResearch Assistant
Gallardo Toledo, Dr EduardoPostdoc Research Assistant
Gardner, Dr JoshuaResearch Associate
Gerada, Dr AlessandroPostdoc Research Associate.
Gibbons, Mrs SaraResearch Associate0151 794 5919
Gregory, Miss GeorginaPostdoc Research Associate.
Gummery, Ms AlisonProject & Public, Patient Involvement Manager
Harish, Dr PradeepResearch Associate
Harper, Dr NicholasResearch Associate
Healy, Miss FionaPostdoc Research Associate.
Hodge, Dr DarylResearch Assistant0151 794 5919
Kennedy, Dr PaulResearch Associate
Korver, Dr SamanthaResearch Associate
Kumar, Dr Ashwani Postdoc Research Associate.
Leedale, Dr JosephMRC Centre for Drug Safety Science (NF)
Leek, Miss NicolaResearch Assistant0151 795 5383
Lister, Dr AdamResearch Associate0151 795 0382
Middlehurst, Dr BenPostdoc Research Assistant
Meng, Dr XiaoliPostdoctoral Research Associate0151 795 6066 Ext:6066
Meng, Dr XiaoliPostdoctoral Research Associate0151 794 8368
O'Donnell, Dr AndreaPostdoctoral Research Associate (DM)
Parmar, Dr AnishPost-doctoral Research Associate
Patel, Dr WaseemaResearch Associate0151 794 5553
Plant-Hately, Mr AlexanderResearch Assistant
Ralph, Dr LorraineResearch Associate - Mathematic Modeller
Reversat, Dr AnnePostdoc Research Associate.
Rosato, Dr ConorResearch Associate
Russomanno, Dr Giusy0151 794 8368
Schipani, Dr AlessandroPost-doctoral Research Associate0151 794 5553
Seyed Forootan, Dr ShivaResearch Associate
Sison-Young, Dr RowenaResearch Associate
Tatham, Dr LeePost-doctoral - Research Associate0151 794 5919
Thompson, Miss BethResearch Associate
Tomlinson, Dr IanResearch Associate
Valentijn, Mr AnthonyResearch Assistant0151 795 5404
Vincent Paulraj, Dr AlexandarResearch Associate
Zhang, Dr EunicePost-Doc - Research Associate0151 795 5404
Seyed Forootan, Dr ShivaPostdoctoral Researcher - Pathology0151 794 5615