Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Courtney, Mrs Sue Departmental Administrator  0151 794 6822 

Academic Staff

Carr, Dr Dan Lecturer  0151 795 5392 
Chadwick, Dr Amy Lecturer  0151 795 0148 
Copple, Dr Ian Senior Lecturer/Acting Deputy Head of Department  0151 794 5548 
Cross, Dr Michael Senior Lecturer  0151 794 5556 
Dahal, Dr Lekh Lecturer  0151 794 6184 
Das, Dr Shampa Senior Lecturer/Acting Head of Department  0151 795 5480 
Dickens, Dr David Lecturer  0151 795 5391 
Goldring, Professor Christopher Professor  0151 794 5979 
Hope, Professor William Professor  0151 794 5941 
Jenkinson, Professor Michael Professor  0151 529 5683 
Keller, Professor Simon Reader  0151 529 5943 
Khoo, Professor Saye Professor  0151 794 5560 
Liptrott, Dr Neill Lecturer  0151 795 7566 
MacEwan, Professor David Deputy Executive Dean  0151 794 5508 
Marson, Professor Tony Cochrane Epilepsy Group - Co-ordinating Editor  0151 529 5705 
Mirza, Dr Nasir Clinical Senior Lecturer 
Naisbitt, Professor Dean Professor  0151 794 5346 
O'Neill, Professor Paul Professor  0151 794 1133 
Olagunju, Dr Adeniyi CELT Tenure Track Fellow   
Owen, Professor Andrew Professor  0151 795 7129 
Pirmohamed, Professor Sir Munir Professor  0151 794 5549 
Pushpakom, Dr Sudeep Lecturer  0151 795 5404 
Quinn, Professor John Professor  0151 794 5498 
Sakai, Dr Takao Senior Lecturer  0151 794 5459 
Singh, Dr Ishwar Reader (Antimicrobials, Drug Design and Development) 
Stott, Dr Katharine NIHR ACL 
Tsakiroglou, Dr Maria Academic Clinical Lecturer 
Waitt, Dr Catriona Reader 
Walker, Dr Lauren MRC Clinical Fellow  0151 795 5407 
Woolley, Dr John Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 5552 

Research Fellow

Adan, Dr Guleed 
Boyd, Dr Sara MRC Clinical Research Fellow in Antimicrobial Pharmacology  0151 794 5941 
Bubb, Dr Vivien Research Fellow  0151 794 5509 
Chan, Dr Benjamin   0151 794 5615 
Curley, Dr Paul Research Fellow  0151 794 8214 
Darlow, Dr Christopher Clinical MRC Fellow  0151 794 5471 
De Bezenac, Dr Christophe Research Fellow 
Downing, Dr Jennifer Research Fellow (Person-Centred Complex Care Theme, NIHR ARC NWC)  0151 795 5390 
Ho, Dr Brian Research Fellow  0151 795 5411 
Khan, Dr Umair Clinical Research Fellow 
Lim, Dr Troy Clinical Research Fellow 
Millward, Dr Christopher Clinical Research Fellow 
Mitchell, Dr James Clinical Research Fellow 
Rajoli, Dr Rajith Research Fellow  0151 794 5919 
Seden, Miss Kay MRC Research Fellow 
Swaminathan, Dr Mira Clinical Research Fellow 

Honorary Staff

Alfirevic, Em P Ana Emiterus Professor Ana Alfirevic 
Amos, Dr Gregory Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Aarnoutse, Prof Robert Edward Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Adams, Dr Andrew Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Al-Naher, Dr Ahmed Honorary Research Associate 
Back, Emeritus Prof David Professor   0151 794 5547 
Baker, EM Prof Gus Professor  0151 529 5948 
Ball, Miss Amy Honorary Research Associate 
Barton, Dr Chris Honorary Research Associate  0151 795 5390  
Berwick, Dr Richard Honorary Research Assistant 
Betts, Catherine Honorary Research Assistant 
Billingsley, Miss Kimberley Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Boyle, Ms Alison Honorary Research Associate 
Boffito, Dr Marta Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Bula, Dr Marcin Honorary Research Fellow 
Chadwick, Em P David Honorary Senior Fellow 
Chamberlain, Prof C Honorary Visiting Professor   
Chaponda, Dr Mas Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Cliff, Dr Joanne Honorary Research Associate 
Cole, Dr Christine Honorary Research Fellow 
Collins, Ms Susannah SpR (Specialist Registrar) - Honorary  0151 795 5414  
Cousins, Mr Christopher David Honorary Fellow    
Coxhead, Dr Do Not Use Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Cressey, Dr Timothy Honorary Senioer Lecturer 
Dane, Mr Aaron Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Dello Russo, Dr Cinzia Honorary Research Assistant 
Evely, Miss Jane Research Nurse  0151 794 5539 
Fitzgerald Gail    0151 794 5539  
Fontana, Dr Vanessa Honorary Research Associate  0151 795 5404 
Francis, Dr Ben Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Gardner, Mr Kenneth Honorary Research Assistant 
Gaskell Lisa    0151 794 5539  
Hampson Lucy    0151 794 5539  
Hanson, Ms Anita Honorary Research Associate - Lead Research Nurse  0151 795 5403 
Hashmi, Dr Izhar Honorary Research Fellow 
Heseltine, Dr Thomas Honorary Research Associate 
Hill, Dr Andrew Honorary Senior Fellow 
Holbrook, Dr Mark Honorary Lecturer 
Hornby, Ms Rachael Honorary Research Assistant - Research Nurse  0151 794 5539 
Horvath, Professor Rita Honorary Lecturer   
Howes, Mr Nathan Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Hughes, Dr Dyfrig Honorary Professor 
Jankowski, Prof Janusz Antoni Honorary Professor   
Jenkinson, Dr Stephen Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Jeyarajan, Dr Prashanthini Honorary Research Assistant 
Kitteringham, Dr Neil Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Kobayashi, Dr Yutaka Honorary Research Fellow 
Koks, Prof Sulev Honorary Professor 
Kreilkamp, Dr Barbara Honorary Research Associate 
Kullak-Ublick, Prof Gerd Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Kumagai, Dr Ken Honorary Research Fellow 
Kuruvilla, Dr Rebecca Honorary Research Fellow 
Lang, Prof Bing Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Lamorde, Dr Mohammed Honorary Research Associate 
Leuwer, Prof Martin Honorary Senior Research Fellow 
Little, Ms Margaret Honorary Research Assistant - Research Nurse  0151 794 5539 
Marra, Mrs Fiona Honorary Research Associate 
Marzolini, Dr Catia Honorary Research Associate 
McNamee, Dr Christine Honorary Research Associate 
Messerschmidt, Dr Daniel Honorary Recognised Supervisor   
Miyajima, Dr Fabio Honorary Fellow 
Morgan, Dr Paul Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Moss, Dr Diana Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Nakonechna, Mrs Alla Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Nambara, Mr Takumi Honorary Research Associate 
Neukam, Dr Rer Honorary Research Associate   
Nwosu, Dr Amarachukwu Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer 
Ooi, Dr Kazuhiro Honorary Research Fellow   
Osanlou, Dr Orod Honorary Lecturer 
Owens, Dr Lynn Honorary Lecturer  0151 795 5395 
Panebianco, Ms Mariangela Honorary Research Associate 
Park, Em P Kevin Emiterus Professor 
Paton, Prof Nicholas Ian James Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Pertinez, Dr Henry Post-doctoral Research Associate  0151 794 5919 
Prince, Miss Clare Honorary Research Assistant - Research Nurse  0151 794 5539 
Ramesh, Dr Jayapal Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Randle, Dr Laura Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Roberts, Ms Carys Ruth Honorary Research Assistant 
Rooney, Mr Paul Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Rowland, Dr Timothy Honorary Research Fellow 
Sadiq, Dr Soban Honorary Research Assistant 
Sakabe, Mr Tomoya Honorary Research Fellow   
Santoyo Castelazo, Dr Anahi Honorary Research Fellow 
Shirouzu, Professor Mikako Honorary Lecturer   
Siccardi, Dr Marco Honorary Fellow 
Sidaway, Dr James Honorary Lecturer   
Singleton, Dr Andrew Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Stables, Prof Rod Honorary Professor 
Stebbings, Richard Honorary Visiting Professor   
Stewart, Dr Anna Honorary Research Associate - SpR (Specialist Registrar)   0151 795 5407 
Sukasem, Mr Chonlaphat Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Thompson, Dr Andrew Honorary Senior Research Fellow  0151 795 5390 
Tridente, Dr Ascanio Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Troke, Dr Peter Honorary Research Associate 
Tsuyama, Dr Sho Honorary Research Fellow 
Turner, Dr Richard Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Ullah, Dr Asad Honorary Lecturer 
Van Eker, Mrs Diane Research Nurse  0151 794 5539 
Waddington, Mr James Honorary Research Associate 
Wang, Dr Dennis Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Westhead Ruth    0151 794 5539  
Whitaker, Dr Paul Honorary Clinical Lecturer   
Wilby, Dr Martin John Honorary Recognised Supervisor 
Wilkins, Dr Edmund Honorary Research Fellow 
Williams, Dr Cara Honorary Lecturer   
Williams, Dr Dominic Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Winterbottom, Janine Honorary Research Associate 
Wren, Mrs Alison Honorary Support Staff 
Yip, Dr Vincent 
Olayanju, Dr Adedamola Honorary Associate 

Professional Services Staff

Adair, Dr Kareena Technician 
Al-Cazimi, Mr Ismail Lab Technician 
Almond, Ms Valerie Personall Assistant 
Carthy, Mrs Jennifer Finance Officer 
Challenger, Miss Elizabeth Research Technician - Saye Khoo's group  0151 125 4045 
Chan, Mr Graham Cochrane Epilepsy Group - Trials Search Co-ordinator - Senior Admin  0151 529 5606 
Courtney, Mrs Sue University PA to Prof. Alfirevic  0151 794 6822 
Elsdon, Mr Nathan Research Administrator  0151 795 5386 
Farrell, Mr John Core Laboratory Support Technician  0151 794 5767 
Farrell, Mr Liam Technician   
Farrington, Miss Nicola Senior Research Technician 
Foxcroft, Miss Angela NWE MRC Fellowship Scheme in CPT, Programme Coordinator  0151 795 5401 
Hardy, Mrs Carly Administrator 
Herriott, Mrs Joanne Research Technician 
Horner, Miss Iona Technician 
Jagota, Dr Bhavana Technician 
Jimenez-Valverde, Ms Ana 
Johnson, Mr Adam Senior Research Technician  0151 794 5471 
Jolly, Dr Carol Research Technician  0151 795 5394 
Kelly, Mrs Rachael Cochrane Epilepsy Group - Managing Editor  0151 529 5462 
Kijak, Miss Edyta Research Technician 
Kirby, Mr Adam 
Kivlin, Mrs Julie 
Martin, Miss Jasmine Business Development Manager  0151 794 5919 
McEvoy, Mr Laurence Research Technician  0151 795 7570 
Moss, Mrs Samantha PA to Prof. Sir Pirmohamed  0151 794 5557 
Murray, Ms Clare 
Potter, Mr Steve Finance Officer  0151 794 5553 
Roberts, Mrs Clare Research Administrator  0151 795 5388 
Robinson Larkin, Mrs Stephanie Manager 
Sakai, Mrs Keiko Research Technician 
Scott, Miss Karen Epilepsy Research Goup - NASH Research- Senior Admin  0151 529 5460 
Sensi, Miss Serena Research Technician  0151 794 5767 
Sharp, Dr Jo Project Manager - Senior Admin  0151 795 7129 
Sloan, Mr Andrew Communications Officer 
Stevenson, Mr Adam Animal Technician 
Tetlow, Miss Michelle Project Manager 
Unsworth, Dr Jennifer 
Walker, Mr Alexander Research Technician 
Wedgwood, Mrs Shirl Administrator 
Wells, Miss Georgia Research Technician 
Winters, Mrs Vicki Finance and Research Administrator  0151 794 5553 

Research Staff

Gummery, Ms Alison 
Arshad, Dr Usman Research Associate 
Asiimwe, Dr Innocent Research Associate 
Ayuso Parejo, Dr Pedro Post-doctoral Research Associate  0151 794 5565  
Blaylock, Dr Jennifer Research Associate 
Box, Miss Helen Post-doctoral Research Associate (Andrew Owen)  0151 794 5565 
Bunglawala, Miss Fazila 
Chiong, Mr Justin Research Assistant  0151 794 8211 
Das, Dr Sanjit Post-doc Research Assistant 
David, Dr Christopher Research Associate 
Dickinson, Dr Laura Post-doctoral Research Associate  0151 794 5919 
Dilly Penchala, Dr Sujan Research Assistant  0151 125 4045 
Dougan, Mrs Ellen Cochrane Epilepsy Group - Editorial Assistant 
Egan, Ms Deirdre Research Assistant  0151 794 5919 
Else, Dr Laura Post-doctoral Research Associate  0151 706 4044 
Gallardo, Dr Eduardo Postdoc Research Assistant 
Gibbons, Mrs Sara Research Associate  0151 794 5919 
Harper, Dr Nicholas 
Hodge, Dr Daryl Research Assistant  0151 794 5919 
Howarth, Dr Alice Postdoctoral Research Associate   0151 794 5553 
Kennedy, Mr Paul Research Associate 
Kinvig, Dr Hannah 
Korver, Dr Samantha Research Associate 
Leek, Miss Nicola Research Assistant 
Lister, Dr Adam Research Associate 
Middlehurst, Dr Ben Postdoc Research Assistant 
Meng, Dr Xiaoli Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 8368 
Neary, Dr Megan Research Associate 
Newire, Dr Enas Post-doctoral Research Associate 
O'Donnell, Dr Andrea Postdoctoral Research Associate (DM)   
Ogese, Dr Monday Research Associate 
Parmar, Dr Anish Post-doctoral Research Associate 
Patel, Dr Waseema Reseaech Associate 
Russomanno, Dr Giusy 
Schipani, Dr Alessandro Post-doctoral Research Associate  0151 794 5553  
Seyed Forootan, Dr Shiva Research Associate 
Sison-Young, Dr Rowena Research Associate 
Tatham, Dr Lee Post-doctoral - Research Associate  0151 794 5919 
Thomson, Dr Paul 
Valentijn, Mr Anthony Research Assistant 
Vincent Paulraj, Dr Alexandar Research Associate 
Zhang, Dr Eunice Post-Doc - Research Associate  0151 795 5404 
Wells, Miss Georgia