Withdrawing from the University

The information on this page explains the process of leaving your programme early known as withdrawing from university.

Before you withdraw

We understand there are many reasons for wanting to leave your programme early, but before you do, we advise you to talk with your supervisor/School/Institute/Department Director of Postgraduate Research about why you want to leave the University. They may be able to offer help and advice that will allow you to carry on with your studies.

If you don’t want to talk to your supervisor or School, Student Services will be able to offer you confidential help and advice. You can also speak in confidence to a member of the Counselling Service.

There are also a number of other support services within the University that can provide advice and support:

Transfers of registration

If you feel the programme you are currently on is not the right one for you, it may be possible for you to transfer your registration.

Interruption of study

Rather than leaving your programme early, it may be possible for you to interrupt your studies until you feel able to come back. However, please note, this is dependent on meeting certain criteria laid out in the PGR Code of Practice Appendix 6.

Withdrawal, voluntary or otherwise, will not eliminate any debt that you may have to the University.

Voluntary withdrawal

To formally withdraw from the University you must complete the Withdrawal Form and ask your supervisor to sign it. Your School/Institute/Department will forward the form to the Research Degree Administration team for the withdrawal to be processed. If you fail to notify the University of your withdrawal you will continue to accrue fees.

Termination of studies

If your School/Institute/Department deems your progress as unsatisfactory the termination of studies procedure may be invoked leading to you being withdrawn from your degree.

Deemed withdrawn

It is your responsibility to:

  • Complete your APR on time
  • Engage with your programme
  • Submit your thesis and revisions on time

Failure to meet any of these responsibilities will result in deemed withdrawn procedures being invoked.

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