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Research Projects

Research Projects Older people holding hands.

Centre for Ageing and the Life Course

Fostering research in critical and cultural ageing studies, exploring the underpinning factors shaping inequalities in ageing, as well as the subjective meaning and lived experience of health and well-being in later life.

Prison, Culture, and Heritage

Prison, Culture & Heritage

Exploring and engaging with the nuanced relationships between prisons, culture, and heritage, shedding light on the stories that shape our collective understanding of justice, identity, and societal evolution.

N8 Policing Research Partnership Police box attached to the wall.

N8 Policing Research Partnership

Fostering research collaborations in the North of England to champion, enable, and support policing research and its impact.

Conceptualising, Understanding, and Preventing Mixed Forms of Extremism A stormy sky with lightning striking.

Conceptualising, Understanding, and Preventing Mixed Forms of Extremism

Bringing together academics, practitioners, and civil society actors to better understand the problem of mixed, unclear, and unstable forms of extremism.

Alcohol, Crime & Justice Neon lit street at night time.

Alcohol, Crime & Justice

Delving into the profound relationships that exist between alcohol consumption, criminal behaviour, and justice systems.

Vulnerability Policing Vulnerability and Policing Futures logo, black text with a dark purple triangle to the left.

Vulnerability & Policing Futures Research Centre

Reshaping how the police and other organisations work together in order to reduce harm among vulnerable people in society.

Collaborative Policing Research Police siren.

Collaborative Policing Research

Research contributing to impactful initiatives in partnership with police forces nationwide.

DRIVE - Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action DRIVE research project partner University logos

DRIVE – Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action

Determining multi-level led causes and testing intervention designs to reduce radicalisation, extremism and political violence in North-Western Europe through social inclusion (DRIVE).