Research Staff Conference 2022

This year’s event brings together our community of research staff working across the University of Liverpool via an action-packed day of talks dedicated to the theme of 'Realising your potential'.

Realising your potential

The annual conference organised by the Research Staff Association in collaboration with the Academy. It is being planned as an in-person event, with opportunities for virtual participation during the headline sessions across the day. This year’s theme, 'Realising your potential' will provide practical advice on career development, networking, research impact and collaboration.

The conference will take place on Thursday 1 December. The event will bring together internal and external leaders to discuss how research staff can acknowledge and build on their strengths and skills to help maximise the personal development and professional and practice of every researcher employed at the University of Liverpool. 

The timetable of events and activities will run from 10:00am-4:00pm. Please see the programme table below.

You can register here. Please note due to a limited number of spaces you will need to register separately for the parallel workshops. The links for these can be found on the main registration page and are also in the table below.

Networking and community-building  

In addition to the listed programme, the conference will provide the space for informal networking with conference speakers and for coffee breaks providing the opportunity for researchers to have a chat with their colleagues from across the University’s Faculties.  

In the lunchtime break there will also be opportunity to go on a short self-guided walking tour which takes you through Abercromby Square, a Georgian residential development very close to the conference venue. You will learn about the history of the square and some of the people who lived there. Download the guide here: Research Staff Conference Self-Guided Walking Tour

Venue: University of Liverpool Management School

Download the Conference Programme

You can register here




Arrival /registration




Update on the research landscape at the University by Prof Anthony Hollander  Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Impact as well as personal experience engaging with the public.


Update by Prof Georgina Endfield- APVC research environment and postgraduate research - a reflection on the importance of our research environment and culture in supporting colleagues to realise their aspirations and their potential. Georgina will focus on the people, processes, practices and partnerships that are in place to support our research journeys, wherever they may take us, and will encourage us to think about how we can all contribute to creating an inclusive environment in which a very broad variety of skills and talents can be recognised.

Listen to the talk:




Public engagement and pathways to impact showcase (researchers from each faculty).



Keynote - Realising your potential – and enjoying your career! By Prof Jonathan Tonge

This talk will cover the pleasures (and occasional pitfalls!) of academic research and dissemination through a variety of prisms, including drawing upon experience serving on REF panels and government commissions, writing research impact case studies and undertaking lots of media work.



LUNCH – including opportunity to connect and meet sponsors    

Lunch time activities will include a self-guided walking tour, desk Yoga and Mediation

Research Staff Conference Self-Guided Walking Tour


Two parallel workshops

1)  Outsourcing your brain – how others can help you realise your career potential facilitated by Prosper. Register here

2)  Having a fulfilling research career in industry facilitated by IBM.  Register here




Panel discussion – Building a Better Research Environment

Panel members:

    • Dr Shaima Hassan (Research Associate, EDI Lead for the Department of Primary Care and Mental Health and representative of the UoL BAME Network). ​
    • Dr Niamh Thornton (Reader in Latin American Studies and LGBTQ+ co-Chair)
    • Dr Jenna Kenyani (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Advisor for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)
    • Dr Kudzai Dominic Chiwenga (Lecturer in the Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management)

4pm onwards

Time to connect and learn how the RSA can benefit you after the conference. 

Announcement of Images of Research prize winners​, close and time to connect and learn how the RSA can benefit you after the conference

Academy Researcher Development Inclusivity Statement

The Academy is committed to providing an environment which recognises and values people's differences, capitalises on the strengths that those differences bring to the institution and supports all staff and students in maximising their potential to succeed. In line with the Academy's firm commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we offer all postdoctoral and research-related opportunities to develop and network irrespective of a researcher’s gender, ethnicity, age, self-identification, disability, religious affiliation, or any other criteria used to separate and define.

Academy Code of Conduct

All events organised or facilitated by The Academy follow a Conduct of Conduct irrespective of the number of participants or session format. The Academy thanks all participants in advance for your cooperation to help ensure a safe and constructive environment for everybody. View the Code of Conduct.

Conference Organising Committee   

  • Dr Claire Wilson, Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Health Science, Department of Molecular Physiology & Cell Signalling
  • Dr Sophie Jones, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of History, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Dr Janette Greenhalgh, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Population Health, Department of Health Data Science, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  • Dr Revathy Krishnamurthi, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
  • Dr Tahereh Nematiaram, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Dr Bengt Tegner, Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Dr Shona Moore, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  • Selina Johnson, Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Life Course and Medical Sciences, Musculoskeletal and Ageing Science
  • Dr Saneeya Qureshi, Head of Researcher Development and Culture, The Academy
  • Dr Angela Midgley, Research Staff Developer, The Academy


Thank you to our sponsors of the Research Staff Conference 2022.

The Facebook Reality Labs

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Merck and our well-known brands from Sigma Aldrich, Millipore, Supelco and Milli-Q will be available to discuss how we can support you through your research with our large product range and new innovative products. Your account manager will be available to meet you and help with a chance to win prizes​


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We also have a nice summary video here


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