Making an Impact 2023 will run from 5-9 June 2023. This will include a mixture of 42 online and in-person sessions, which will be recorded and published here.

This page will be updated through the week – please check back daily for more videos!


Seeing the big picture: Navigating the science policy landscape

How to develop a good understanding of UK science and innovation policy, and use this to advance your career

Don’t know where to start with a narrative CV?

This session takes the fear out of narrative CVs and gets you started with writing one



Keynote: Galvanizing research and impact through innovation and collaboration - A conversation with our Vice Chancellor, Professor Tim Jones

What intellectual property do I have and how can I commercialise it?

Discover how to identify, protect, and commercialise your intellectual property to support the social and economic impact of your work

Getting attention: Elevator pitching

Make yourself memorable by designing and delivering a masterful elevator pitch

How to identify and approach potential clients

Find the people who value your offering and understand their needs so that you can deliver


Starting-up a commercial or social enterprise

Learn all the processes involved to design, develop, create, run, scale and replicate successful commercial/social enterprise initiatives


Evaluating Impact: Going above and beyond the evaluation form

Want to evaluate the impact of your project? Get creative with your evaluation and find out how to go above and beyond an evaluation form

Designing and evidencing impactful research: Creating a golden thread

Practical guidance on embedding and evidencing research impact into projects, with a particular focus on measuring social value

Owning your personal brand

The session will give you the tools to unlock your own personal brand to help you succeed and navigate the commercial world

Writing for public audiences: communicating your research clearly

This interactive workshop is a perfect chance to work on your writing skills

How to craft a successful briefing to engage with a policy audience

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This workshop provides a guide for researchers interested in producing targeted policy briefings with potential to generate genuine impact


Public engagement 101: The what, why and how of public engagement

Thinking of dipping a toe into public engagement? Come along to find out all you need to know to get started in this exciting field

Positive intelligence – making your mind your best friend!

(MWS login required)

Positive Intelligence - how to make your mind your best friend rather than your worst enemy

Let’s get business! Making University-industry research collaborations work

Learn about best-practice tools & resources for research collaborations with Industry and the launch of the Partnership and Innovation Fund.

Introduction to Prosper

Postdocs discover how your career development can Prosper

Raising your research profile by writing for The Conversation

Learn how The Conversation works, the benefits of writing for the public and how to go about it

Discovering the mechanisms that define our world

Follow Dr Kostas Giannakopoulos' journey from first contact with Scientific Research to applying Advanced Materials Technologies