School of Physical Sciences Post-doctoral Development Award 2020

The School of Physical Sciences Post-doctoral Development Award 2020 will be open to every post-doctoral researcher working within the School for a maximum of £2,500 per applicant (total award fund per year £5,000).  Ideally, candidates should have at least 6-months remaining on their contract at the time of application. Attached is the outline of the award as well as application form

Call for applications: Closing date 17:00 Friday 17th April 2020

Completed application form and attachments to be emailed to Gillian McLaren, School Research Team Leader at

The following areas may be covered by the award (note that this is not an exhaustive list and the award is open to any development opportunity):

  • Pilot project to gain preliminary data to write a grant or fellowship (this may include a visit to a collaborators research group or access to facilities)
  • Qualification/Certification (e.g. project management course or certification needed to gain a position in industry)
  • Training in business/setting up start-up enterprises
  • Work experience in a field outside of academia (travel/living expenses while short internships in industry, NHS, science communication companies etc.)
  • Visiting another research group to learn a technique to apply in their research
  • Attendance of conferences and workshops (to present a poster or give a talk where no other funds are available)
  • Organisation of a small conference or a workshop in Liverpool (not for external use).
  • Help with childcare to enable a conference attendance

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