New preprint on the nuts and bolts of SCOPE2

Aleksandra A Petelski, Edward Emmott, Andrew Leduc, R. Gray Huffman, Harrison Specht, David H Perlman, Nikolai Slavov (2021) Multiplexed single-cell proteomics using SCoPE2 doi:
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Temporal proteomics of herpes virus infection

Timothy K Soh, Colin T R Davies, Julia Muenzner, Leah M Hunter, Henry G Barrow, Viv Connor, Clément R Bouton, Cameron Smith, Edward Emmott, Robin Antrobus, Stephen C Graham, Michael P Weekes, Colin M Crump(2020) Temporal Proteomic Analysis of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Infection Reveals Cell-Surface Remodeling via pUL56-Mediated GOPC Degradation. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]