Norovirus mode of action

Myra Hosmillo , Jia Lu, Michael R McAllaster, James B Eaglesham, Xinjie Wang, Edward Emmott, Patricia Domingues, Yasmin Chaudhry, Tim J Fitzmaurice, Matthew Kh Tung, Marc Dominik Panas, Gerald McInerney, Nicolas Locker, Craig B Wilen, Ian G Goodfellow (2020) Noroviruses subvert the core stress granule component G3BP1 to promote viral VPg-dependent translation [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Novel proteolytic events in SARS-Cov-2 infection

Bjoern Meyer, Jeanne Chiaravalli, Philip Brownridge, Dominic P. Byrne, Leonard A. Daly, Fabrice Agou, Claire E. Eyers, Patrick A. Eyers, Marco Vignuzzi, Edward Emmott (2020) Characterisation of protease activity during SARS-CoV-2 infection identifies novel viral cleavage sites and cellular targets for drug repurposing [DOI] [PDF] [Abstract...]

The COVID-19 MS coalition

Weston Struwe, Edward Emmott, Melanie Bailey, Michal Sharon, Andrea Sinz, Fernando J Corrales, Kostas Thalassinos, Julian Braybrook, Clare Mills, Perdita Barran, COVID-19 MS Coalition (2020) The COVID-19 MS Coalition-accelerating diagnostics, prognostics, and treatment. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Temporal proteomics of herpes virus infection

Timothy K Soh, Colin T R Davies, Julia Muenzner, Leah M Hunter, Henry G Barrow, Viv Connor, Clément R Bouton, Cameron Smith, Edward Emmott, Robin Antrobus, Stephen C Graham, Michael P Weekes, Colin M Crump(2020) Temporal Proteomic Analysis of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Infection Reveals Cell-Surface Remodeling via pUL56-Mediated GOPC Degradation. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]

Regulation of norovirus infection by Ifit1

Harriet V Mears, Edward Emmott, Yasmin Chaudhry, Myra Hosmillo, Ian G Goodfellow, Trevor R Sweeney (2019) Ifit1 regulates norovirus infection and enhances the interferon response in murine macrophage-like cells. [PDF] [PUBMED] [DOI] [Abstract...]