PhosphoLFQ of NF-kB/RelA in DNA damage

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SILAC Phosphoproteomics

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Regulation of Aurora A by CoASH

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Methodology for hunting histidine phosphorylation

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Redox control of protein kinases

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Discovery and definition of non-canonical phosphorylation

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Myoblast phosphoproteomics

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Deep discovery of novel phosphorylation sites

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Enhanced ability in phosphosite localisation

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Kinases in spindle assembly

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New insights into protein kinase A action

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Tools for kinome research

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Complexity of RelA phosphorylation

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Unblocking the sink

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MS for identification of PTMs

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CaZIP phosphorylation

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iMAC for phosphorylation sites

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EF2 kinase regulation

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Myosin light chain kinase phosphorylation site

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