Connective tissue protein turnover

Howard Choi, Deborah Simpson, Ding Wang, Mark Prescott, Andrew A Pitsillides, Jayesh Dudhia, Peter D Clegg, Peipei Ping, Chavaunne T Thorpe (2020) Heterogeneity of proteome dynamics between connective tissue phases of adult tendon.

Maintenance of connective tissue integrity is fundamental to sustain function, requiring protein turnover to repair damaged tissue. However, connective tissue proteome dynamics remain largely undefined, as do differences in turnover rates of individual proteins in the collagen and glycoprotein phases of connective tissue extracellular matrix (ECM). Here, we investigate proteome dynamics in the collagen and glycoprotein phases of connective tissues by exploiting the spatially distinct fascicular (collagen-rich) and interfascicular (glycoprotein-rich) ECM phases of tendon. Using isotope labelling, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics, we calculate turnover rates of individual proteins within rat Achilles tendon and its ECM phases. Our results demonstrate complex proteome dynamics in tendon, with ~1000 fold differences in protein turnover rates, and overall faster protein turnover within the glycoprotein-rich interfascicular matrix compared to the collagen- rich fascicular matrix. These data provide insights into the complexity of proteome dynamics in tendon, likely required to maintain tissue homeostasis.