Global Opportunities short trip scheme

We have the following opportunities for academic year 2023-24

SOTA trip:

Departmental trips:

Please note that for the departmental trips, you will not be accompanied by a member of University of Liverpool staff.

How to apply for funding support

Students interested in the Rome field trip, should follow instructions laid out here (applications close mid-December 2023)

Students interested in the departmental trips may apply for funding support by completing the following form.

QRCode for Music GO Short Trip Application Form for Funding Support

Please note that each departmental opportunity has different conditions, and you should read the guidance/information in the relevant links carefully before completing the form. Note that the first round of applications for both the Porto/PdeV and Potsdam University/Berlin trips closes on 24 November 2023. If the spaces are filled, there will not be a second round.

For all other applications, the applications can be made at any time before 1 June 2024, though please note applications will close sooner if funding runs out before then.

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