Mataró (near Barcelona), Spain short trip, including Ludo2024 Thirteenth European Conference on Video Game Music and Sound (11-13 July 2024)

We are pleased to advise that the department is offering suitable undergraduate students the opportunity to attend this exciting conference which is being planned for the summer of 2024.



The conference will be hosted by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona at the TechnocampusUPF in Mataró, Spain.

Themes are the following, with contributions from composers and practitioners expected:

  • Soundscapes (e.g. relations between ambient music and environmental sound)
  • Spatiality and technology (e.g. spatial audio in games)
  • Music in ludic spaces (e.g. pen & paper sessions, LARPs)
  • Alien spaces (e.g. musical soundtracks and building fantastic realities)
  • Crossover spaces and sound (e.g. game sound vs. other media realities)
  • Sound, theatrical spaces and games (e.g. performances in games; game performances outside games)



  • You must be a registered University of Liverpool undergraduate Music/Games Design student. Students from any year may apply; third years/final year have priority. Incoming students on an exchange semester or exchange year are ineligible.
  • The trip must last at least 5 days, inclusive of travel days (i.e. you must stay a minimum of four nights). As the conference is 11-13 July, then you should consider 10-14 July or longer and specify on the form. [Final year students should note that University of Liverpool graduation ceremonies are to be scheduled w/c 15 July.]
  • Your application must make clear how video game music and sound relates to your studies and career interest and specifically how attendance at the conference will support this.
  • If appropriate to your visit, you are advised to indicate how you will spend your time on any other days other than the conference, to take advantage of the location and its culture.

The support you may receive:

  • The conference fee will be paid for all students directly by the University.
  • The support offered towards accommodation and/or travel is in line with Turing guidance which specifies a higher amount of support for those with WP status.

If offered support for the trip, you must confirm acceptance within 7 days (contact so that your conference fee can be paid by the University.

Things to note:

Be aware that coordinating with fellow students over hostel accommodation may be a way to help you to keep costs down. Some further information on accommodation options is expected to be communicated by the organisers after the full programme details have been released (expected mid-March).

You will be required to complete a short post-trip report within 10 days of your trip.

How to apply:

Please complete the form and select ‘Self-arranged destination’ which will prompt you to provide relevant information about the trip.

(Applicants: please ignore that it says the activity must be completed by June. We have special permission to include this conference because the conference dates happen before University of Liverpool’s July graduation.)

Forms must be completed no later than Monday 11th March 2024 in order to have the greatest chance of success.

If you have any questions, please contact

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