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Dr Huadong Yang Ph.D in Organisational Psychology

Reader in HRM/OB Work, Organisation and Management


Research Overview

Research Grants:
2021-2022. Principal applicant. “Examine the hybrid model of return-to-work arrangement on employee wellbeing” granted by BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grant, UK (SRG21\210672).

2020-2021: Principal applicant. “Adaption of HRM in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) during in the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on employees” The Pump Priming Scheme of the University of Liverpool Management School. (completed).

2015-2016. Principal applicant. “A pilot study of cultural diversity and conflicts on team effectiveness” granted by the Pump Priming Scheme of the University of Liverpool Management School. 5K pound. (completed).

2009-2014. Principal applicant: Research grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO, equivalent to ESRC). Support a PhD project for four years: “Understanding teacher professional development through the lens of psychology”. (Completed).

PhD supervision (as 1st supervisor):
Natthapong Pakieranum (started in October 2020). Topic: How organisations communicate their HR strategies and their implications on employee well-being? The second supervisor is Dr Mariella Miraglia

Chunyu Xiu (Started in January 2019). Topic: Strengthened in translation: Understanding the role of HR attributions. The second supervisor is Prof. Rory Donnelly.

Clemens Mielke (DBA student, started in 2019). Topic: Using public talent crowdsourcing to attract passive talents.

Budy Purnawanto (started in 2018; Passed away in July 2021). Topic: HR implementation by line managers: A social network analysis. The supervision team includes Dr Julia Brennecke and Pro. Yves Guillaume at ULMS.

Monique van Rijn (2009-2014). Topic: Understanding teacher professional development through the lens of psychology. The second supervisor: Prof. K. Sanders (completed in 2014 September).

PhD supervision as the 2nd supervisor (or in the supervisory team):
Hyacinthe Onillon (started in 2017). Topic: Post-graduation expatriation to Asia: Analysis of their career success following repatriation. The first supervisor is Prof. Rory Donnelly at ULMS.

Sara Owczarczak-Garstecka (started in 2016. Completed). Topic: An inter-disciplinary approach on dog-bites and its implications on workplace safety. The first supervisor: Dr Carri Westgarth. I was involved in supervision team. This is a research collaboration across veterinary, psychological, and management sciences.

Maxim Wolf (2013-2018). Topic: Transformation of human resources via utilisation of social media. The first supervisor is Dr Julian Sims (Birkbeck, University of London).

Piety Runhaar (2005-2008; I joined in the supervision team in 2006). Topic: Promoting teachers’ professional development. The first supervisor: Prof. Karin Sanders.

Research Interest 1

My current research interests are on:
1) Unfolding the effect of employee self-identity in HRM;
2) Culturally diverse teams;
3) Conflict Management (especially on side-taking by third parties).

Research Group Membership

Research Grants

Examine the hybrid model of return-to-work arrangement on employee wellbeing


September 2021 - December 2022