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Dr Adriana Nilsson PhD

Lecturer Work, Organisation and Management


    Research Overview

    "Adriana’s research is primarily in the area of complex problems and the processes of coordination and cooperation involved in developing and implementing policy solutions. She is particularly interested in these interactions between developed and developing countries in the areas of public health (access to medicines and intellectual property rights), climate change mitigation policy (renewable energy) and regional economic development (financial integration)."


    My research focuses on the interaction between individual/organisational action and the institutional environment, particularly in relation to macro-processes of international political economy and national and transnational governance. Within this general framework, I am especially interested in the role of experts and professionals, political elites, networks and international organisations in processes of knowledge and norm creation and diffusion, organisational learning as well as change. Topics of interest include politics of innovation and intellectual property, complex problems/grand challenges in Health and sustainable development as well as financialisation. Theoretically my work draws on economic sociology, institutional theory, and cultural political economy. The key words that most closely match my interests are:
    Innovation and complex problems
    Global health/public health
    Regulation of financial markets
    Economic Sociology
    Knowledge and expertise in International Political Economy
    The politics of Intellectual Property Rights
    Climate change and renewable energy

    Research Group Membership

    Research Grants

    Spatial transformation of metrology global value chains: the impact of additive manufacturing


    September 2017 - February 2019