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Dr Liam Lewis PhD

Honorary Fellow Languages, Cultures and Film


My teaching is closely connected to my research, in which I think critically about key issues in translation, environmental theory, and animal studies. I seek to continually create connections between my research and the classes I teach.

My teaching experience spans the modern to medieval. I have taught literature, culture, and translation at all levels of Higher Education. Much of my teaching has been conducted in French, in which I am fluent. At the University of Oxford, I taught undergraduate students medieval and modern French literature, ranging from the Châtelaine de Vergy to the contemporary francophone author Marie NDiaye, and I held an online graduate seminar on the twelfth-century Anglo-Norman writer Marie de France. At the University of Liverpool, I have taught advanced French language and translation, including interpreting. I have also convened the dissertation and Capstone projects modules, which introduce undergraduate students to research methods and to writing a long-form piece of assessed work, and I designed and delivered an interdisciplinary module on the History of the Book in France. I adapted to the department’s focus on transnationalism and heritage in a broader sense. I have taught graduate programmes in history and in critical theory, in which I align my teaching with commitments to decolonizing the curriculum by exploring the work of scholars from the Global South and interrogating notions of imperialism and colonial history that inflect environmental history.

University of Liverpool Graduate Courses (2019- 2023):
• Literature, Art and Architecture in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
HIST587, 2 seminars, team-taught module.
• Introduction to Critical Theory: Environmental Humanities
MODL503, 2 seminars, team-taught module.

University of Liverpool Finalist Courses (Lecturer):
• FREN331: From Sheepskin to E-Reader: Books and Publishing in France (convenor).
• MODL307: Dissertation (convenor).
• FREN311: Proficient French (4 seminars, ‘essay’ and ‘interpreting’, team-taught module).
Undergraduate Courses (Lecturer):
• Undergraduate Research Scheme projects: ‘Medical Knowledge in Digitised Bestiary Manuscripts’ and ‘The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Student Year Abroad Work Placements’ (supervisor for 5 funded projects).
• FREN208: Manger! Food and French Culture (2 seminars, team-taught module).
• FREN207: Advanced French (2 seminars, team-taught module).
• FREN114/FREN116: Introduction to French Studies (2 seminars, team-taught module). Lecture programme: ‘The Emergence of the French Nation State’, ‘The French Revolutions’, ‘The Third Republic’, ‘Laïcité(s)’, and ‘Popular Revolt in France’.
• MODL105: Language Awareness (2 seminars, team-taught module).

Teaching Interests

I have a wide range of teaching experience in different institutions in the UK and in France, including medieval literature and modern French translation. My teaching interests include critical approaches to the study of animals and the environment in literature, representations of sound and music and critical theories of translation, gender and posthumanism.

Modules for 2023-24


Module code: MODL503

Role: Teaching