Why your business should hire a Modern Languages student from the University of Liverpool

Posted on: 11 January 2021 by Dr Liam Lewis in 2021 posts

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Dr Liam Lewis (Lecturer in French) and three students from the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures explain why businesses should consider hiring a Modern Languages student as part of the University of Liverpool Year Abroad programme.

The year abroad is an amazing as well as challenging experience for students, which is why it is important to understand how to enhance the experience for every student. Our team aimed to research work placement opportunities in light of Brexit for third-year students in European countries, French or German speaking companies to be more specific. Our other objective was to collate 2nd year opinions on their year abroad choices and finalists’ opinions on individual work placements.

In this blog we’re going to consider some of the benefits of companies hiring languages students who are on their year abroad. Firstly, undergraduates at the University of Liverpool hold a range of vital skills which would be of significant value to companies interested in hiring student interns. For language students, the learning process is largely centred around the learning of skills, so they are trained to pick up new skills quickly. Moreover, learning a language requires time, persistence, and dedication: therefore, languages students will have a willingness to learn as much as possible during the internship in the hope of building valuable work experience.

Furthermore, hiring undergraduates can also increase exposure for employersat universities and valuable relationships can be created. This will make the recruitment process for interns much easier and the University will help them recruit appropriate students with a skill specific to their industry. This can also be a trial period as they can observe whether that intern has the skills needed for them to hire them as an employee in the future.

If you are a company interested in working with Modern Languages students at the University of Liverpool, please get in touch by contacting liam.lewis@liverpool.ac.uk. We also encourage you to read the latest guidance on outbound travel for students in light of COVID-19.

Kathy Apalowo (Third year, Business Studies & German):

Suchen Sie Studierende, die gerne ein Praktikum absolvieren würden? Wir kooperieren gerne mit Unternehmen, die Studierende als Praktikanten in Deutschland für das Jahr 2021/2022 möchten. Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an uns!

Zoe Marsh (Third year, French with Spanish):

Está su empresa situada en España o en un país de habla hispana? ¿Está buscando pasantes para el año 2021/2022? ¡Tenemos estudiantes en lenguas modernas aquí en la Universidad de Liverpool en busca de trabajos en prácticas para su año en el extranjero! Para más información, póngase en contacto con nosotros.

Anna Iwanciw (Third year, English Language and French):

Vous cherchez des stagiaires pour l'année 2021/2022? À l'Université de Liverpool, nous avons des étudiants en langues qui cherchent des stages pour leur année à l'étranger! Veuillez nous contacter pour plus d'informations.

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