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The Centre for Global Vaccine Research

Working to develop and implement the use of vaccines against major infectious diseases.

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About the Centre

The Centre is built on the success of the international clinical vaccine research conducted in Malawi, with leadership in the areas of rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines.

The work in the Centre covers a wide range of human and animal pathogens, making it one of the rare centres within the UK to promote the global prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases of both humans and animals.

Our Research Highlights

Zika Vaccine Development

Developing a Zika virus vaccine that is suitable for use in pregnancy. Pregnant women continue to be the population at highest risk following Zika virus infection as the virus can cause severe fetal birth defects. Read More..

African Animal Trypanosomiasis

Evaluating novel vaccine candidates for African animal trypanosomiasis, focusing on proteins expressed by the parasite only while it inhabits the tsetse fly. Read More..

Rotavirus Vaccines

Showing that rotavirus vaccination reduced infant diarrhoea deaths by a third in rural Malawi and providing the first population-level evidence from a low-income country that rotavirus vaccination saves lives. Read More..

Typhoid Vaccine in Africa

Recruiting and vaccinating over 24,000 children in Blantyre, Malawi after the first child in Africa was vaccinated using a new generation of typhoid vaccines in 2018. 
Read More..

Pneumococcal Research

Working to determine the various bacterial factors and host conditions that lead to pneumococcal disease and informing the design of more effective pneumococcal treatments and vaccines. Read More..