HSS PGR Showcase

Bringing together a wide range of current and prospective students, alumni, academics, and staff from across the university, the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Postgraduate Showcase celebrates our PGRs, highlights the Faculty's PGR offer, promotes PGR networking amongst the Faculty, highlights the facilities and resources available for PGRs, and delves into the support that we, both individually and as a university, can provide to those undertaking PGR studies with us, working with us, and collaborating with us.

5th & 6th March 2024

About the event:

There were outstanding talks from students, alumni, external speakers, academics and PS staff. The Showcase was universally applauded as a massive step in the right direction and will be a model for the faculty to take forward.

PGR Taster

We explained to prospective students what a PhD is, why they may want to undertake one, and what the University of Liverpool has to offer, while giving the opportunity to meet their peers.

Celebrating PGR

During the event we celebrated our current and past students by highlighting career opportunities, employability, wellbeing, achievements, and training.

Enhancing Research

The University has a wide range of resources, facilities, support, training, funding and development opportunities. While networking, we showcased these strengths to attendees.


Stanley Theatre
160 Mount Pleasant
L3 5TR

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Why Liverpool?

Meet some of our recent postgraduate research students and find out why they chose the University of Liverpool, and what it's like to live and study here.

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