About us

The teaching of anatomy in Livepool has a long and storied history.

The early tuition and teaching of anatomy in Liverpool took place at the Royal Institution, Colquitt Street in 1820, and was run by Dr Richard Formby, and Dr William Gill. The school was run under terms of the Apothecaries Act of 1815, proved popular and as such Formby advanced quickly to be appointed in a professorship in Anatomy in 1822. The Royal Institution School of Medicine developed and grew beyond its facilities, leading to the foundation of the Liverpool Medical School at the Royal infirmary in the 1830s. This developed into the Liverpool Infirmary School of Medicine where anatomy was a key component of the programme, and eventually evolved into the University of Liverpool in 1903.

The Human Anatomy Research Centre (HARC) was established in 1996, as a facility dedicated to anatomy teaching at the University of Liverpool, and underwent a complete refurbishment in 2000 to accommodate a large increase in the number of students studying in this field. The University of Liverpool degree in Anatomy and Human Biology was ranked the number one Anatomy degree in the UK in 2020.

Our team

Our multidisciplinary team of academics, bequeathal officers and technicians, works together to ensure the smooth running of the facility and an enriching experience for anyone who is involved with HARC, from bequeathals to the creation and set up of teaching sessions.


Professor Nathan Jeffery Director of HARC njeffery@liverpool.ac.uk
Dr Alistair Bond Deputy Director of HARC apbond@liverpool.ac.uk
Lynne Staunton-Jones Technical Manager laja@liverpool.ac.uk
Michael Knapper Deputy Technical Manager Michael.Knapper@liverpool.ac.uk 


Key Contacts

HARC Dentistry Lead p.rothwell@liverpool.ac.uk  
HARC Health Sciences Lead Craig.Humphreys@liverpool.ac.uk 
HARC Medicine Lead Neil.Thomas@liverpool.ac.uk
HARC Clinical Volunteering Liaison amanson@liverpool.ac.uk 
HARC Postgraduate Team HARCPGT@liverpool.ac.uk 
HARC External Courses Liaison apbond@liverpool.ac.uk 
Centre Administrator and Bequeathals Manager bodydonation@liverpool.ac.uk 



Charlotte Casey Anatomy Teacher Charlotte.Casey@liverpool.ac.uk
Stephanie Egerton Anatomy Teacher s.egerton@liverpool.ac.uk
Paul Rothwell Anatomy Teacher p.rothwell@liverpool.ac.uk
Kyle Roughneen Clinical Education Fellow kyle.roughneen@liverpool.ac.uk 
Siobhan Cantley Demonstrator h.s.cantley@liverpool.ac.uk
Mae Hunter Demonstrator Mae.hunter@liverpool.ac.uk
Amy Manson Demonstrator amanson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Alix Hudson Doctoral Academic Teacher Alix.Hudson@liverpool.ac.uk
Betzy Manners Doctoral Academic Teacher Betzy.Manners@liverpool.ac.uk 
Elena Patera Doctoral Academic Teacher E.Patera@liverpool.ac.uk  
Katie Cross Graduate Intern katie.cross@liverpool.ac.uk 
Callum Vaudrey Graduate Intern callum.vaudrey@liverpool.ac.uk 
Marcela Cardenas-Serna Lecturer marcela.cardenas-serna@liverpool.ac.uk 
Craig Molloy-Humphreys Lecturer Craig.Humphreys@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Neil Thomas Lecturer Neil.Thomas@liverpool.ac.uk 
Charlie Ritchie PhD Student c.ritchie@liverpool.ac.uk
Rebecca Aitken Prosector and Demonstrator Rebecca.Aitken@liverpool.ac.uk
Desiree Botana Machado Prosector d.botana-machado@liverpool.ac.uk 
Dr Claire Tierney Senior Lecturer ctierney@liverpool.ac.uk


Technical and Professional Services

Tina Green Technician greent@liverpool.ac.uk 
Michael Joel Technician  M.Joel@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lesley Knapper  Technician   l.knapper@liverpool.ac.uk 
Hannah Massey Technician  H.Massey@liverpool.ac.uk
Callum Ross Technician  Callum.Ross@liverpool.ac.uk   
Michael Waters Technician Michael.Waters@liverpool.ac.uk 
Claire Crumbleholme Centre Administrator & Bequeathals Manager Claire.Crumbleholme@liverpool.ac.uk  
Rachel Jones Bequeathals Officer & Postgraduate Student Experience Officer Rachel.Jones3@liverpool.ac.uk


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