Image of Samantha Stuart

Samantha Stuart

“My time in Liverpool allowed me a unique chance to both learn and execute an exciting engineering project alongside talented academics from across the world. It was a truly invaluable experience as an undergraduate researcher to join the project under the mentorship of Dr Abass and carry out advanced numerical simulations in ophthalmology towards the aim of publishing our work. It was very exciting to see the paper’s acceptance and ultimate publication in PLoS One in 2019.

"Living in Liverpool and travelling on the weekends made the experience even more unforgettable for me – visiting the Blue Lagoon during a weekend trip to Iceland was one of many highlights.  Back home, the experience hugely supported my applications for graduate studies, both in terms of my resumé and preparedness to undertake independent research. Now I am pursuing my master in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto, and continue to be grateful for all I learned during my time with the Ocular Biomechanics group. I would recommend the University of Liverpool summer research experience to any student looking to broaden their horizons and build their academic skillset!”

Samantha contributed to the paper Simulated optical performance of soft contact lenses on the eye also published in PlosONE.

Image of Xuhan Shu

“It was a great opportunity to spend a summer placement in a research led university like the University of Liverpool surrounded by world research-leading academics at the School of Engineering. For the first time, I learnt the critical nature of research, I practised enquiring the results I produced, and publish a scientific article in a high ranked journal with my supervisor Dr Abass”

Xuhan contributed to the paper Limbus misrepresentation in parametric eye models’ also published in PlosONE.