Brett Gardens

As part of the University of Liverpool’s Estate Strategy Masterplan, ULCCO SP are assisting in creating some green spaces across the campus. One of these spaces is between the Brett Building, Yoko Ono Building and the Sydney Jones Library, whereby an outdoor study space for students is to be created alongside a campus garden space that ULCCO SP are leading on.

Brett Gardens is split into 2 spaces: the north and south gardens which will be accessed by a link bridge between the Sydney Jones Library and the Brett Building - ULCCO SP will be carrying out refurbishment works to this link bridge. The north and south gardens will consist of four study carrels for the University’s students, which will be equipped with portable charging points for phones and laptops. The gardens will also have ornamental tree species and other types of planting in order to create a “sheltered” garden feel, and to create a relaxing study space for students for those who wish to study outside.

See below for some pictures of progress work in the garden area so far. These pictures show the refurbished garden area with newly planted ornamental tree species and other plants:


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