Whelan Roof

ULCCO SP undertook the main contractor role on the Whelan Building carrying out major roof repairs and refurbishment works to the existing roof structure inclusive of the copper spire and two terracotta feature towers. The works on site commenced in February 2021. The main roofing works and work to the final tower and adjacent roof areas were completed in April 2022.

Works commenced with the erection of a scaffold around the building, designed to provide access to the high level works whilst continuing to maintain uninterruped acess for staff and students at ground level around the building. 

The scaffold allowed access for the removal of pitched roof slating, felt battens and associated leadwork leading to the replacement with new felt, slating battens and lead but reclaiming the existing slates. The works have been undertaken allowing the retention of around 60% of the existing slates and supplementing any damanged or un-usable slates with carefully selected new slate to match existing.

Several areas of flat roofing, constructed both from lead and built up felt, have been replaced along with numberous sections of specialist lead gutters and flashings.



The existing feature copper spire which was in poor condition requiring deconstruction and rebuilding of the supporting timber structure. It was then re-clad in new copper sheeting (shown in the photographs below).


The roofing works have been substantially completed with new edge protection installed to flat roof areas. Large sections of the scaffold have been removed to minimise campus disruption. Work has also been completed to the smaller of the two masonry towers.

Major terracotta/masonry works were carried out to the large masonry tower. This comprises of the careful, systematic identification of failed and deteriorated terracotta stones, removal and replacement of these utilising new replica stones that had been hand made to traditional methods. Specialist resin repairs were also carried out to areas showing initial signs of future failure.

Following timber repairs to existing fascia boards and windows, new rainwater gutters and pipes were installed.














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