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Dr Andy Davies BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography Geography and Planning


    Research Interest 1

    My research lies at the intersections of postcolonial, political and cultural geographies. Most of my research focusses on ideas about political resistance, often related to South Asia. This manifests itself in the following, overlapping, areas:

    1) Transnational/Translocal politics: My research is most often informed by ideas about transnationalism - that is geographical activity that spreads over national boundaries. In particular, I am interested in ideas about how political networks function across borders. My PhD on Tibetan activism engaged with this in the contemporary period, but my more recent historical work is also indebted to these ideas.

    2) Political Geographies of South Asia: My work is often related to South Asia. Recently, this has meant work on the Royal Indian Navy Mutiny of 1946, thanks to a small research grant from the RGS-IBG. I am currently conducting further historical research about anti-colonial activism in southern India in the early 20th Century (funded by the British Association of South Asian Studies & British Academy).

    3) Maritime Geographies: Two thirds of the Earth's surface is water, yet human geographers have not spent much time examining it. One of my research interests is in how people live and work in maritime professions. My political work often looks at how ships were important spaces for moving seditious materials like guns and propoganda. However, I have a broader interest in the cultural geographies of the sea and would be interested in supervising PhDs related to this.

    4) Participatory research: When not sitting in dusty archives, I try to conduct research that is participatory - that is, produced in collaboration with research participants, rather than extracting information from them. Recently, I have been working with Bethan Evans (Liverpool) and Matt Benwell (Keele) and KCC Live!, a youth radio station in Knowsley, on a participatory project about the 1981 and 2011 riots in Liverpool (funded by the British Academy).

    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Lives and legacies of black and colonial servicemen’s families in Liverpool, 1919 - present
    • BASAS/ECAF Fellowship
    • Young people and stories of the riots: Liverpool 1981 and 2011

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