Central Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshops provide a range of mechanical engineering services to research groups and to the teaching and service areas of the University.

We have a wide range of design and machining experience to cover most requests.  The range of jobs undertaken can be small machining items to large centracomplex design and manufacture projects.  We can also offer advice on design, material selection and knowledge acquired from other groups across the university. Work requests may be submitted in person or by email primarily to Mr John Curran 0151 794 4876

Work requests are then entered onto a job queue system and production plan.  We would ask that you plan ahead and advise a realistic time of when you need the part/project.  We do however offer a breakdown / urgent service but this will be at the discretion of the workshop supervisor.

The Central Mechanical Workshop is located in the Engineering Building Campus No.238

Students/Researchers can be trained in the use of some of the workshop equipment. This will be decided by the workshop Supervisor or his appointed representative. All students working in any of the workshops will be required to wear PPE and will receive appropriate Health and Safety training before use of any of the workshop equipment.

Central Mechanical Workshop

The facilities available in the Central Mechanical Workshop include but are not limited to:

  • CNC & Manual Mills
  • CNC & Manual Lathes
  • CNC Wire EDM
  • Water jet cutting
  • Surface Grinding
  • Sheet Metal facilities
  • Welding facilities
  • Bead Blasting