International Tourism and Media Conference (ITAM)


The Eighth International Tourism and Media (ITAM) Conference 5-6th July, 2018 University of Liverpool, UK

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The eighth ITAM conference aim is to continue the network’s exploration of new ideas and debates sprung from the intersection between tourism industries and practices and those that broadly relate to the fields of media and communication. In this vein, the conference will aim to provide a forum where, taking their lead from Rodanthi Tzanelli’s concept of ‘global sign industries’ (2007), interdisciplinary research conversations gather pace around what are increasingly convergent fields of study and practice.

While trends in scholarship on tourism and media are often reflective of discreet disciplinary dispositions, particularly those linked to perspectives in marketing and business, the necessarily open and ‘undisciplined’ terrain that defines the critical landscapes of media and tourism today demands a similarly open and undisciplined approach to keep pace with what is an ever-shifting and multi-stranded field of study.

The overarching theme of this conference is The Production of Location and the event draws together contributions that broadly address questions of cultural brokerage in media tourism as focused around the following panel topics: 1) Social media and image sharing; 2) Fan worlds and imaginary worlds; 3) Landscape and environment; 4) Creativity and location branding; 5) Film tourism and in/tangible heritage; 6) Location searching and the diasporic imagination; 7) Placing location and location placement.

Dates: 5-6th July 2018
Location: School of the Arts, University of Liverpool, UK.
Keynote:  Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli, Associate Professor of Cultural Sociology, University of Leeds

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