Photo of Prof Paul O'Neill

Prof Paul O'Neill BSc Hons PhD CChem MRSC

Professor Chemistry


    Synthetic Organic Chemistry

    Research Grants
    • Development of Small Molecule Inhibitors of the Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain of Plasmodium falciparum
    • Pre-Clinical Development of small molecule anti-Wolbachia candidate macrofilaricide drug
    • A new generation of Crystallographic detector for Multi-user Barkla X-ray laboratory
    • Rational Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Benzimidazoles Towards a Novel Therapy Selectively Targeting C. neoformans beta-tubulin
    • Positive Allosteric Modulators of Strychnine-Sensitive Glycine Receptors – A New Concept in Treating Chronic Pain
    • A new drug target against Malaria
    • Resistant Breaking Insecticides - Project New Pyrethroids
    • Synthesis and Biomimetic Chemistry of Novel Antimalarial Endoperoxide Cysteine Protease Inhibitor (ECPI) Pro-Drugs.
    • 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer.
    • Alternative complex 1 as a drug target in malaria
    • Lead Series Development & Optimisation af a New Drug Against Active and Latent Tuberculosis.
    • Defining the mechanism of action of the 8-aminoquinolines: A pre-requisite to rationally designed safe antimalarials for the elimination era
    • University of Liverpool Institutional Discipline Bridging.
    • Quantitative high-throughput proteomics for biomedical research.
    • Synthesis and biological evaluation of primaquine metabolites: implications of safety and efficacy
    • Cloning and characterisation of enzymes required for the in vitro synthesis of the antimalarial artemisinin.
    • Probing the molecular mechanism of action of novel antimalarial falcipain 2 inhibitor endoperoxide pro-drugs in isolated parasite digestive vacuoles.
    • Development of New Drugs for the Treatment of Malaria (ANTIMAL)
    • TCAMS triazole series as potential serine protease inhibitors.
    • Bridging and accelerating the translation of novel scientific findings for health and wealth gain
    • KEL09/13 - Molecular design and chemoinformatics: A combined approach to novel molecules
    • Towards a 21st Century Replacement for the 4-Aminoquinoline Chloroquine
    • Co(II)L2 Mediated Catalytic Aerobic Asymmetric Peroxysilylation and Hydration of Unactivated Alkenes.

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