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Prof Paul O'Neill BSc Hons PhD CChem MRSC

Professor Chemistry

    Teaching and Learning

    Modules for 2019-20


    Module code: LIFE348

    Role: Teaching

    An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

    Module code: CHEM248

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Chemotherapy and Cellular Pharmacology

    Module code: LIFE312

    Role: Teaching

    Heterocyclic Chemistry and Drug Synthesis

    Module code: CHEM338

    Role: Teaching

    Key Skills for Chemists 1

    Module code: CHEM180

    Role: Teaching

    Medicinal Chemistry of Anti-Infectives

    Module code: CHEM335

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    PGSC003 - Introduction to Research

    Module code: PGSC003

    Role: Teaching

    PGSC004 - MSc Research Project

    Module code: PGSC004

    Role: Teaching