Research areas

Research within the Centre covers the breadth of food systems research, from crop and animal sciences to supply chain management and food consumption.

Consumer behaviour research

Consumer Behaviour and Public Policy

Work in behaviour and policy at Liverpool emphasises individual and societal approaches to sustainable nutrition and health.

crop sciences

Crop sciences

Research into the sustainability and vitality of crops is central to our Plant Science research at the University of Liverpool.

Environment and climate change

Environment and climate change

Our researchers use the latest scientific research to inform farmers, growers and supply chains about the best conditions for plants and animals to thrive.

Livestock research

Livestock and animal health

At Liverpool we work on improving control of infectious diseases of food producing animals and on improving their welfare.

Food supply chain

Supply Chain Research

The University of Liverpool Management School has a large group of supply chain experts with wide-ranging interests.

Genomics research


Genomics research at Liverpool is used across all of the research areas to support cutting edge, technology-led research into food safety and systems.