Food grains

Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Food Systems (CESFS)

Excellent food system science to improve health and the environment

CESFS is a multidisciplinary collaboration between academics from across the University of Liverpool which spans the research areas of:

  • Health and life sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Policy and management research.

The Centre has been created in order to address real world issues affecting both humans and animals, such as climate change, access to safe and sufficient food, and food choice. The Centre will address these issues via innovative research projects, techniques, and cutting edge technology and resources, capitalising on strategic cross disciplinary collaborations.

The Centre aims to bring together knowledge and research of biological, management, behavioural, and climate sciences to:

  • Improve human health through what we eat
  • Understand choice and enable equitable and fair access
  • Support the generation of food that is authentic, safe and nutritious from sustainable systems
  • Characterise resilient supply chains that minimise risks to human, animal and plant health and the environment.

The CESFS team of academics is working to achieve these aims by:

  • Promoting interdisciplinary research approaches to food system science
  • Engaging with people and organisations working, living and supported by food systems
  • Building capacity to provide high quality education for healthy food systems.

Addressing major challenges

The world is undergoing the fastest rates of change it has seen since man began to dominate land and water use. Underlying these changes are population increases with more and more people living in urban settings. This has raised some major challenges:

  • The food system has become increasingly complex
  • The complexity relates to the geographical relationships between food production, consumption, and consumer choice
  • Urbanised populations are generally detached and uninterested in where their food is produced and how it is processed.

The University has established this Centre of Excellence to address such challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Centre brings together the expertise of academics, and their networks across the UK and globally, to work in teams in order to address the alleviation of hunger, the adoption of healthy diets and the production and utilisation of food in a sustainable manner.