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Crop sciences

Research into the sustainability and vitality of crops is central to our Plant Science research at the University of Liverpool.

Our research encompasses the response of plants and plant ecosystems to changing environment, and how we can use this information in the genetic improvement of crops to address the needs of sustainable intensification, whilst informing conservation efforts within native communities.

Our research is underpinned by the Centre for Genomics Research, and the GeneMill Synthetic Biology Centre. Together, our teams use the latest ‘omics’ technologies to explore the genetic control of key traits relating to crop productivity, such as optimizing photosynthesis, water-use efficiency, pest and disease resilience, product quality and nutrition. We use trait genetics and conventional breeding strategies to incorporate novel genetic variation into pre-breeding material suitable for uptake by industry.

We are primarily based in the Institute of Integrative Biology, and have access to facilities at Ness Botanic Gardens, Leahurst, and Wood Park Farm.

Find out more about the research interests of our experts in this field:

James Hartwell

Dr James Hartwell

Senior Lecturer in Plant Metabolism

Meriel Jones

Dr Meriel Jones

Senior Lecturer

Luning Lui

Dr Luning Liu

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Peter Walley

Dr Peter Walley

Tenure Track and N8 AgriFood Fellow

Raj Whitlock

Dr Raj Whitlock

Institute of Integrative Biology

male silhoutette

Dr Iain Young

Institute of Integrative Biology