Environment and climate change research

Environment and climate change

For plants and animals to survive and thrive the conditions of the environment and especially the climate have to be right.

Crops and animals have been bred over hundreds of years to be at one with their environment and climate. Changes to the environment and climate, including changes to temperature, water and soils, can have severe impacts on productivity and even the survival of species.

The climate can also have profound influences on the types and severity of diseases that may be impacting on animals and crops and indeed the farmers and other food production and distribution workers.

Our researchers aim to use the best scientific information to inform farmers, growers and supply chains about risks to their current production methods, crop species grown and animals raised, and provide advice on current and future impacts on water supply, temperature ranges and disease risks.

The research stems from primary environmental and climate data sets, analysed through data processing and information production and disease modelling, with the end goal of informing relevant government and industrial partners, and introducing practical solutions at the farm level.

Research projects

Sheep, bluetongue and climate change project

Bluetongue and Climate Change

Funded by BBSRC.

Since 1998, Bluetongue has caused the deaths of millions of livestock in Europe. This project aims to develop a model of how the disease will be affected by climate change in the future and how it can be better controlled.

El Nino and malaria

El Niño impacts on malaria in Tanzania

Funded by NERC.

El Niño events have been shown to impact significantly on many vector-borne diseases. This projects aims to analyse entomological data collected over the last nine years to detect changes to vector dynamics caused by the current El Niño event.

Enhance project

ENHanCE project

Funded by NERC, Afsset and VROM, through the Era-Env Health Programme.

This integrated project was brought together in order to assess the effects of future climate change on the spread of disease through Europe and its impacts on human health and wellbeing.

Find out more about the research interests of our experts in this field:

Professor Andy Morse

Andy Morse

Professor of Climate Impacts

Matthew Baylis

Professor Matthew Baylis

Oxenhale Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology

Dr Cyril Caminade

Dr Cyril Caminade

Tenure Track Fellow,
Institute of Infection and Global Health

Dr Anne Jones

Dr Anne Jones

Research Associate,
Institute of Infection and Global Health

Georgette Kluiters

Dr Georgette Kluiters

Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Institute of Veterinary Science

Joanne Turner

Dr Joanne Turner

Research Associate,
Institute of Infection and Global Health