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An Overview of Digital Tools for Education

Would you like to find out what digital tools and technologies we have for learning and teaching at the University? Amongst others, we have tools to support: polling (Poll Everywhere), peer assessment (Buddycheck), ePortfolios (PebblePad), online group work & conferencing (Teams, Canvas, Zoom) & accessibility (Ally). Full information on all of these tools & more is available in our HAL Canvas course.

We distinguish three kinds of technologies depending on what support and institutional license is available for them:

  • Core supported technologies (by type | A-Z ): institutionally licensed and fully supported;
  • Networked or Integrated technologies into core systems, but not fully licensed or supported; this also includes systems which are bought under departmental license and are available to particular departments or programmes of study.
  • Recognised technologies: not licensed or supported institutionally, but recognised as potentially useful for education.

Our Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) team is happy to support you with core technologies through guidance, resources and workshops. Do contact us with such requests and check our upcoming events. We are sometimes able to provide guidance on networked/integrated or recognised technologies. We also facilitate networks and communities of practice within the University to share practice about educational uses of technologies.

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