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Canvas is the University's Virtual Learning Environment, replacing VITAL from September 2021, and a key digital tool to support our Hybrid Active Learning approach, being a home for teaching materials, activities, collaboration and assessment. The phased migration from VITAL to Canvas is being managed by the Canvas at Liverpool project.

Canvas has a wide array of features and integrated tools that can be used to flexibly deliver rich and innovative Hybrid Active Learning experiences. CIE has collated a range of 'recipes' to help guide you as to which features you may consider using when developing your approach. All staff at the University are enrolled and have access to this Canvas course: Hybrid Active Learning Support.

Accessing Canvas

The direct login link to Canvas is:  (Buttons also appear within the Student and Staff Intranet).

If prompted to log in, enter your username in the format e.g. and then your MWS password (both for staff or students).

Where to get help? and Getting Started with Canvas

Use the links below based upon your needs:

  • A 'Personal Test Course' is made available to all staff for the purposes of experimentation and learning to use Canvas (find it in your ‘courses’ list in Canvas).
  • For technical support, please contact the 'Tier 1' support helpdesk through the ‘?’ Button inside the Canvas environment. For log in issues, please contact
  • New to Canvas or looking to expand your knowledge?
  • Students have access to Canvas Help for Students (Canvas site) and this forms part of their induction into the University.

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